✈️ TRIPREPORT – GO AIR | Ahmedabad to Mumbai | Tamil Vlog

Right now, I am in Ahmedabad Airport and will fly to Mumbai with GoAir The entry of the Security Check is bit different, because I am in India like always have separate queue for men and women took a lot of time for security check the leg space is quite tight for my height 1.65 m reached Mumbai as you are seeing Jet Always flights are being converted into Spice Jet lots of people lost their jobs hope they have found already something time is around 14:30 need collect the luggage and after that need head to Hotel

6 thoughts on “✈️ TRIPREPORT – GO AIR | Ahmedabad to Mumbai | Tamil Vlog

  • GoAir flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai was so pleasent, though was a short ride nothing was uncomfortable other than sunny weather LOL

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