?After party – Zelf een lucht jet straal blazer maken om de tafel mee op te ruimen! ? – I am Kian

MUM: Kian MUM: KIAN! MUM: Parties are fine, but now it is really time for you to clean the messy table! I really do not want to do this! Hello all. Welcome to a new video on my channel. Today we will be doing something really cool. We are going to make a full automatic table cleaning device! That’s all I have to say for now. See you again after the intro! The plan is to use an EDF (Electric Ducted Fan). It’s a fan that creates a lot of wind. They are used in RC planes. So it creates a lot of wind! I’m going to mount this EDF inside this tube by using this 3D printed spacer. I will need to drill some holes in the tube for the wires…. … and fix other small things so it can blow all the stuff from the table. Let’s get started by drilling the needed hole in the tube. Next is fixing the 3D printed spacer to the EDF… … and the wires! Now the EDF can be put inside the tube. The next needed part is the ESC (Electronic Speed Control) The ESC will regulate the speed of the EDF’s brushless motor. It doesn’t matter which wire goes where. If it is blowing the wrong way I need to change 2 of the wires! I’m using some rubber bands to keep the ESC in place. This is a servo tester. I’m again using a rubber band to attach the servo tester to the tube. Now fix the control wire from the ESC to the servo tester. Make sure that you fix it the correct way! The servo tester will be used to control the EDF’s speed. It’s like a throttle! I’m using another rubber bad to make sure things stay in place. Last but not least is the battery. Another rubber band! The battery needs to be attached to the ESC. I made a small adapter for this as I do not have the correct plug to do this directly. Make sure that red goes to red and black goes to black! Same for the battery side. Red to red. Black to black! Done. Let’s test it 1st. I think that it is working! Let’s go! Mum. I’ve cleaned the table! MUM: Noooo. I should have been more specific! MUM: You can now start cleaning the floor! Did you like this video? Than please do not forget to subscribe, and to give it a thumbs up! Also make sure to enable the notification bell so you will get notified as soon as I have a new video. Please share this link with your friends! That’s all for now. I hope to see you again next Sunday!

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