2006-2014 Chevrolet Cadillac GMC JET Performance Computer Programmer Install Tutorial How-To

Today we’re going to program a 2011 Camaro
with the JET performance products programmer. The system is real simple. Just follow the
on-screen prompts, and we’ll just kind of walk through it here. It’s identifying the
vehicle, telling us what the ID codes are. Now we’re going to select programming from
the menu, and we’re going to go right to the custom program on this. It also offers an
easy tune program. We’re going to modify the engine tuning, and in this vehicle we run
premium fuel. It has an automatic transmission that will firm up the shift points. We’re
going to modify the shift speeds, so we’re going to do the 1-2 shift, raise it 2 miles
an hour. The 2-3 shift, 2 miles an hour. The 3-4 shift, now this allows you to go all the
way up to 20 miles an hour, which will be pretty high, so we’re going to stay a little
low on this one, we’re going go 4 miles an hour, and same with the 4-5 shift. These are
wide open throttle shift points, so it’s not during normal driving it’s just when you’re
wide open throttle. And you can change shift RPMs, same thing, just cycle through the screens. We can modify the RPM limiter. We’re going
to raise it 400 RPM. The speed limiter, we’re just going to leave it at stock, we’re going
to say this one has Y Tires, 186 miles an hour. The tire size has not been modified,
but if you have you can change the tire size to fix the speedometer and shift points. Same
with the gear ratio, if you’ve changed rear end gears, you can modify that. It asks you
if you want to modify choices, if you want to go back and change the choices, you answer
yes and you can do them over again. We’re not going to, we’re happy with our choices,
so we’re going to move on to the programming portion. Now it’s reading the stock program. We’re
downloading all the stock information to the JET programmer, so you can go back to stock
any time you like, without having to go through a whole big process. After you’ve done the
programming, pulled it out of the car. The next time you plug it into the vehicle, the
first thing it’s going to ask you is if you want to go back to stock tuning. Now it’s
going to do the same thing. In this vehicle, there is an engine control module and a transmission
control module since it’s got an automatic, they’re separate units. So you have to rebuild
them and save both those programs. When we do the modifications, we’ll also modify both
the engine and the transmission controller. Now it’s adjusting the data. The changes that
we selected in the program, it’s adjusting those changes to the stock program and modifying
it, so we can download the JET software to the ECM and the TCM. Now that the program
is completed, it’s pretty simple. You just turn the ignition key off and unplug the cable,
and you’ve installed the JET performance program into your vehicle.

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