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bell too I’m sure we’re all familiar with the concept of airplane call signs
every airplane has their own cool sign sometimes these call signs can simply be
the name of the airline for example United Airlines or easyJet and some
airlines even have special call signs for example British Airways has
speedbird but there’s one cool sign that puzzles everyone even airplane
aficionados and that cool sign is simply Janet this is a call sign for an airline
which isn’t really an official airline all of the airplanes have absolutely no
logos and the planes hide in plain sight if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas
McCarran International Airport chants are you’ve seen these planes anyone can
see them sitting in a hotel room driving by or flying over the airport but Janet
is not an airline that you can simply pick a ticket on you see this airline
exists for one reason to ferry around the most secret government employees in
the USA officially the callsign Janet is an
acronym for joint air network for employee transportation but many say the
true meaning is just another non-existent terminal this is pretty
typical for the US military as they’re often quite cryptic and comedic they
have a fleet of around half a dozen boeing 737-600 and they also have a few
Beechcraft 1900s and King airs all of these are a highly secure compound in a
very simple terminal and this terminal is at Las Vegas is at McCarran
International Airport every morning the parking lot outside the terminal fills
up with hundreds of cars the planes then take off and then in the evening they
come back and after that all of the cars drive away so how do we know that this
Airport is owned by the US government well if you look up the registration of
any of these planes it will say the owner is the Department of the Air Force
however the US Air Force actually don’t operate these flights
that is not listed but we do actually know who operates this airline this
airline used to be operated by a company named EG&G this is a highly secret
defense contractor for the USA but in 1999 a GMG was bought by The Carlyle
Group another big defense contractor but then
a few years later in 2002 the u.s. our corporation bought that but then that
was acquired by AECOM in 2014 a EECOM is one of the most secretive and largest
defense contractors in the USA so as far as we know this billion-dollar company
named AECOM operates Janet Airlines but where do these planes go and who were
the thousands of people that travel on them every single day well we can
actually track these planes up to a point they take off from the Los Angeles
Airport and then after about 20 minutes they turn off their transponder most
airplanes are not allowed to do this part seeing as they’re going to secret
locations they are allowed to however we can infer where these planes land based
on where their transponders are turned off their transponders turn off here and
area 51 is right here this is very mysterious as according to the US
government area 51 does not exist but obviously
from satellite images we know it does so it seems every morning thousands of area
51 employees get on these airlines and then fly to area 51 basically it’s just
a quick way for them to commute into the desert after all you couldn’t drive out
there every single day Janet airlines are actually the only airplanes
designated to fly into this area this airspace is known as restricted airspace
for 8:08 north if a regular plane flew into this area they’d be met by f-15
fighter jets and then shot down but Janet airlines fly into this airspace
many times today without any issues so based on where their transponder drops
off we can tell these planes are going to area 51 but one flight path from this
airline that doesn’t turn off its transponder goes all the way down to
Texas that’s right the planes take off from Los Angeles Airport and go all the
way down to Tonopah test range this is yet another top-secret military base
however instead of Nevada where area 51 is this one is in Texas however
Tonopah test range is not as secretive as area 51 which is probably why they
don’t turn off their transponder for these flights this is where the US
military tests out many of its planes and weapons other air bases where these
planes are flown to include plant 42 this is the site where US Air Force
planes are actually built some flights also go to another military base named
China Lake and they also go to another classified military base named Edwards
Air Force Base so this secretive airline is pretty much
transporting all of the people who work at places like area 51 every day but
you’re probably wondering how can I get onto one of these airplanes without
actually applying for a job and working at area 51 well in 2018 AE comm at the
people who operate Janet actually posted a job application this job application
was for flight attendants for Janet Airlines the job description said you
need to remain calm in stressful situations and deal with tricky
customers and long hours in the sky to get this job you need top-secret
government security clearance but AECOM have since taken down this job
listing so we can only assume they found a flight attendant but keep your eyes
peeled on their careers website and you never know you could try and work at
Janet Airlines also if you ever take a flight from Las Vegas is McCarran
International Airport look out for planes with no branding Janet flights
all have one red strip and no other branding at all they do this simply to
hide in plain sight but now you know what to look out for
the US government’s secret end-of-the-world airplane so first off
what is this secret plane you likely have not heard anything about before
well the US government owns a few airplanes which are Boeing eful B’s
these are known as advanced airborne command posts their strategic command
and control military aircrafts operated by the USAF US Air Force the e4b is
basically a mobile command post for the US government mostly the President of
the United States right now the USA has four of these and they’re 350 million
dollars each that means one point four billion dollars has
been spent on these doomsday planes these planes are very low-tech in fact
there’s no electronics on the planes whatsoever the reason why the planes are
all analog is in case of an EMP attack an EMP going off would cause all
electronics to not work so that’s why this aircraft is old-school
the aircraft also has a built-in stair lift as I don’t think any stair lift
operators will be around at the end of the world
it also has state-of-the-art direct fire countermeasures this plane can pretty
much survive any weather conditions even a nuclear blast it’s also capable of
housing a crew of a hundred and twelve people and you’d better hope that you’re
one of those people if the end of the world comes the airplane can also carry
airplane fuel and refuel while in the air the plane can also be fully airborne
for about 40 hours which is enough to fly somewhere safe if a nuclear blast
hits the aircraft were actually built all the way back in 1973 but they still
fly today and they’ve been upgraded heavily over the years the aircraft is
very large and has many decks the flight deck has a station for the pilots
copilot and flight engineer the middle deck which is the most secure area has a
conference room inside it as a conference table which can sit nine
people there’s also a battle station where top military brass and the
Secretary of Defense would be in the event of a nuclear attack this is
basically where they would plan their next military moves this also a large
area for the crew to sleep in as it can house over a hundred crew members on
board there’s also 12,000 MREs these are
military ready-to-eat meals because escaping an apocalypse can make you kind
of hungry the president will not sleep with the rest of the crew instead they
will be in the executive suite this is likely where the Secretary of Defense
and president will sleep and believe it or not there’s also a press area on the
plane after all who wouldn’t want to read about the end of the world in the
New York Times but it’s true in the apocalypse 17 journalists will be on
board this airplane they will be very carefully selected and from news
gathering organizations like Reuters and Associated Press you may think this is
kind of but really it’s pretty useful after all
it’s the only way citizens will get information from the president if the
end of the world was to occur there’s also a very large communication center
onboard the aircraft this plane is equipped with electronic
communications but also old-fashioned communications too they have super high
high low and super low frequency radios and when the plane is in flight there’s
a five mile antenna sticking out behind this aircraft this allows the plane to
communicate using the most low frequency radios possible but you’re probably
looking at this plane and asking what’s with the bump
well this bump is actually a radome ray domes are often seen outside military
bases and they’re a lot bigger basically it’s job is to conceal and
protect antennae and satellites which transmits communications but where
exactly are these planes located right now well during times of great tension
for example the Cold War they’re stored at Andrews Air Force Base but right now
they’re stored it off at Air Force Base in Nebraska but 24/7 around-the-clock
there’s always at least one of these planes with a full crew ready to take
off at anytime after all you never know when the end of the world may come also
when the president travels outside the country and efore be will follow behind
however for security reasons they don’t land in the same Airport as Air Force
One Aoife bees are also used to transport the Secretary of Defense of
the USA now luckily an asteroid hasn’t hit and we haven’t had a new Kela war
so these planes have never been used for their true purpose but should that ever
happen you can take rest in knowing that a hundred and twelve people will be fine
I suggest you guys get some high up government jobs or become good
journalists and then you can survive the apocalypse how a plane disappeared and
landed 37 years later the story begins on the 2nd of July 1955 it was a boom
year in America and many people began flying on commercial airliners well on
that sunny summer’s day many people boarded Pan American flight 914 it was
supposed to be going a short distance on the east coast of the USA from New York
to Miami Florida there were four crew members including two flight attendants
a pilot and a co-pilot and there were 57 passengers men women
and children the plane took off and all was fine but three hours later they were
supposed to land in sunny Florida but at the airport in Miami there was no sign
of this plane the radars in the air traffic control tower and the Miami
Airport did not show the aircraft they thought maybe it’s just late for some
reason but there was no sign of it on the radar whatsoever at first they
thought perhaps the plane had crashed but there were no distress signals sent
out after they phoned the New York air traffic control tower they finally
worked out what had happened somehow flight 914 had disappeared from the
radar altogether the large airplane which was a mobile DC 4 had simply
vanished the only thing people could think of was where the flight had gone
over the Atlantic Ocean just for about one hour they thought in that one hour
perhaps the plane and fallen into the ocean and crash so they sent out search
parties on sea and in the air but they found nothing
of course everyone in the situation was freaked out after all there were 61
people on this airplane who may be in danger
unfortunately they could not crack the case of flight 914 and eventually they
put out a statement saying the plane had likely crashed but they weren’t sure
where but all of the dismayed relatives of the 61 people were enraged they said
this response was not good enough and they had to find this plane and 37 years
later that’s what happened nearly half a century later in 1992 it was a normal
day in Caracas Venezuela the day was the 9th of September 1992 an
air traffic controller at the airport in Caracas Venezuela named Juan de la corte
was doing his job but that’s when something weird came up
on his radar a new plane seemed to appear out of nowhere on his radar Juan
and his colleagues checked other radars in the air-traffic control room in case
it was a mistake but it was not 10 minutes later the
aircraft was in view of Juan and his colleagues they soon realized this was
no normal plane from 1992 instead it was a twin propeller dc4 mcdonald-douglas
these airplanes were not used anymore and have been used since
the 60s the pilot of the aircraft then said in English where are we one then
said you’re about to land at Caracas Airport Venezuela the pilot then
responded in a way that stunned one he said this is Pan Am flight 914 heading
from New York to Miami Florida we have a crew of four and fifty-seven passengers
at this point while in his colleagues were so confused Caracas Venezuela is a
totally different country and thousands of miles away from Miami or New York
Kwon said when is your flight scheduled to land we don’t see you on our schedule
and that’s when the pilot said our flight is due to land at 9:55 a.m. on
the second of July 1955 when this was said the entire air traffic control
tower fell into an eerie silence Kwon Delacorte I thought perhaps the pilot
had gone insane he said to the pilot are you experiencing a disaster but there
was no reply that’s when Wan realized his number-one
priority was to try and land this plane to make sure everyone was safe
remember Horne knew that there were 57 passengers and four crew members who may
be in danger the plane landed and ground crew was scrambled to try and see what
was going on while then radioed to the pilot do you realize that today is the
9th of September 1992 the pilot then could be heard heavily breathing and
spluttered oh my gosh the ground crew were now getting near
the plane but that’s when the pilot did something that Horne never expected the
pilot could be heard shouting not to come anywhere near the plane and that
they believed it as the ground crew approached the plane they saw the
passengers looking out of the window the pilot then started the plane’s engine
again and took off without saying another word the venezuelan civil
aviation leaders then came together and confiscated all records relating to this
weird event they said they would investigate the event further but
nothing ever came of it since then many theories have come
together to try and make sense of what happened on that day some blame
paranormal activity and others blame time travel after the plane had taken
off it was never seen again on any radar or at any airports so why on earth did
this flight that was going from New York to Miami show up in Caracas
Venezuela and why was it missing for 37 years before it real ANDed in Venezuela
only for it to take off again and then never be seen again
this event was first published in a newspaper named Weekly World News and
since then it’s gone around the entire world as a bizarre story which no one
can really explain now the story often spreads free word-of-mouth and it’s kind
of become an urban legend as no one’s really sure what exactly happened on
that day could it have been a massive hallucination that happened at the
Venezuelan airport we may never know as obviously we can’t contact the crew
members or the passengers of flight 914 11 secrets airlines don’t want you to
know coming up first is the real reason you can’t smoke onboard in the year 2000
that the United States government banned smoking on any domestic and
international flights but airlines had already began banning smoking on board
since 1988 usually companies are opposed to government regulations so why do they
do this voluntarily after all in 1988 when most US airlines banned smoking on
board people were not happy airline said they did this for health reasons they
said that it could cause a danger of a fire on the plane and bring the plane
down despite the fact that there’s no actual records of that happening they
also said that it’s a danger to other smokers due to secondhand smoke but
let’s be real in the late 80s people didn’t really care about secondhand
smoke in fact the real reason behind the ban was for cold hard cash you see the
air onboard aircrafts is constantly filtered all of this air filtration
helps to keep the air very fresh and clean
but if there’s lots of resins and smoke from cigarettes in the air this means
the equipment has to work even harder this causes the air filtration systems
on board to wear out even quicker and of course that costs the airline a lot more
money they realize that people will still have to fly even if they can’t
smoke on board so surprise surprise corporations don’t care about your
health but money instead next up is secret toilet button unless
you’re flying in business class you won’t get much privacy on an airplane
that is unless you go into the lavatory on board or so you thought
most passengers do not know this but the lavatory door can easily be opened from
the outside even if it’s locked on the door there’s a hidden switch this will
likely be underneath him no smoking or lavatory sign simply flip up the sign
and there’s a secret switch to unlock the door airline attendants are told to
never use this in case someone’s actually using the bathroom but if
someone’s doing something dangerous or something they should not be doing in
there then it can be opened by star or if someone is sick or falls unconscious
inside it can be open next up is why turn off your cell phone we’re used to
hearing before every flight please turn off your cell phone or switcher to
airplane mode in a poll 80% of people said they believed that’s because it
could cause a critical malfunction on the plane but that’s a total myth the
real reason you are asked to turn off your cell phone is because it can create
static on the radio signal this could interfere with the information pilots
are trying to hear from the dispatcher in the radio control tower
but even aircraft crew admit to ignoring this rule a lot of the time that’s
because the technology aircrafts and air control towers have nowadays is way
better remember they started asking passengers to do this layer planes in
the 90s but obviously technology has come a long way and today it won’t
really interfere with anything if you leave your phone on during takeoff and
landing next up we have runway numbers if you’re an observant fly you may have
looked out of your window and seen something odd on the runway that is
gigantic numbers painted in white you may wonder what exactly do these
humongous numbers on the runways really mean many think it’s simply labeling the
runways like 1 2 3 4 but that’s not the case instead they indicate how many
degrees the runway is from at the magnetic north
this is rounded up to the tens to make it simpler to write on the ground
pilots can see which runway they’re landing on from the sky and
they know what grade to take inside the plane so while these numbers may seem
insignificant they’re the reason you hopefully get a smooth landing next up
is dual hand groups have you ever been on a plane and had to sit near the
emergency doors the emergency door looks kind of scary
and complicated but air stewardesses will likely tell you how to operate it
if you’re sitting next to it but one thing they won’t mention is why there’s
a hand grip on the door inside the plane well the reason for this is in case of a
panic on board the aircraft in the event of an emergency an attendant will open
the emergency exit however panicked passengers can sometimes accidentally
knock them down or even push them out of the aircraft so they grab onto these
handles so they stay upright and don’t fall out of the aircraft or get pushed
over by any scared passengers these doors are often used in the event of an
emergency landing either on a road a field or on water next up we have most
common reasons luggage is lost if you’ve ever had your luggage lost by an airline
you’ll know it’s about one of the most annoying things on planet Earth it can
be very hard to retrieve your luggage especially if you’re staying in a
foreign country and don’t know the area well but what’s even more difficult is
getting a straight answer as to why it happened from the airline most of the
time they’ll just lie to you and won’t tell you the actual reason but airline
employees have to tale that the most common reasons for luggage being lost
the most common reason is it’s being held for additional tracks and then was
not loaded on time this can sometimes happen if they think you have something
suspicious in your bag sometimes a dopey employee can put the
luggage on the wrong trolley and it flies to a totally different location
sometimes an airline check-in employee can put the wrong sticker on the luggage
causing it to be sent elsewhere sometimes the suitcase can get stuck on
the conveyor belt or go in the wrong direction this frequently happens on
connecting flights sometimes ask the trolleys being driven to the plane the
suitcase falls off and no one notices for sometimes the luggage recognition
system makes an error and the label gets lost that’s why it’s always good
practice to put your name and contact info
where else on your luggage coming up next is luggage locks you may
be worried about losing your luggage and having someone else open it but the most
common reason people put locks on their luggage is to make sure the TSA don’t go
through it but what airlines won’t tell you is that locks don’t protect luggage
from being opened people in the TSA have special lock picks where they can simply
pick your lock and open it up and many cheap baggage locks can’t simply be
picked with a pen or pencil anyway sometimes this is done to check inside
your bag and it can damage the log and zipper in the process when they’re done
they’ll simply put your lock back on your luggage and you’ll be none the
wiser next up we have minor problems aren’t fixed if you’re flying in an
airplane you’ll want to make sure that everything has been checked very
thoroughly and even a minor problem hopefully has been fixed by the time you
take off but that’s actually not always the case
many minor failures on airplanes are not prepared immediately the list of things
that have to be checked before a flight takes off is humongous but even if there
are some minor failures on this list the plane can still take off that’s because
they say it doesn’t affect the safety that much and also it can be dealt with
later to avoid flights being delayed don’t worry though every year there’s
less than 200 plane crashes but that’s with over 16 million flights every year next up we have pilots meals airline
food is not exactly great but the captain and co-pilot still have to eat
that being said they don’t eat the same food when the air stewardess has come
around with the menus the captain gets to pick his food first then the copilot
has to have the alternative meal that the captain did not pick the reason for
this is in case the food is poisoned if the captain and co-pilot both ate
poisoned food and couldn’t fly the plane then the plane it would go down but if
only one of them is poisoned then the other one can take over and safely land
the plane however this is not the case on all airlines so make sure you get an
airline that this if you value safety and finally we
have employee ticket prices one major perk about being an airline employee is
that you and your family have reduced price tickets many airlines provide
their employees with very cheap or sometimes even free tickets for them
their kids and their spouse and this is not limited to just pilots in fact all
crew on board get this perk and also many people who don’t work in the planes
for example check-in desk workers also get this perk so if you love to travel
and want free airline tickets then become an airline worker just be sure to
let me know of any new secrets your airline doesn’t want us to know
mysterious airplanes that vanished forever coming up first we have flight
19 torpedos the date was the fifth of December 1945 exactly 74 years ago to
this date ww2 was raging on and the US Navy was well involved on the morning of
that day the US Navy dispatched five torpedo bombers they were going on a
routine training flight over the Bermuda Triangle
but shortly after they took off they were never heard from again
after flying over the Bermuda Triangle the planes just vanished from the radar
all 14 crew members aboard the flights were never heard from again and there
was no noise coming from their radios nor were there any distress signals a
few hours later the Navy sent out an additional 13 men on ships but they too
vanished and we’re never heard from or seen again this was one of the first
instances of things going missing around the Bermuda Triangle
since then many ships and planes have gone missing around the Bermuda Triangle
area but it is very creepy that these five planes and then this Navy ship
totally vanished and were never seen again
to this day it remains the number one mystery of ww2 next up we have Amelia
Earhart Amelia Mary Earhart was an American
aviation pioneer and she was also the first woman to fly solo across the
Atlantic Ocean but on the 2nd of July 1937 a very mysterious thing happened
Emelia she got into her Lockheed Electra 10e plane with her navigator named Fred
nuna they took off from Layne New Guinea and
they were set to complete one of the large stretches of their around the
world flight but as they were going over the Pacific Ocean they totally
disappeared no wreckage or bodies were ever found of
Amelia or Fred a search lasted many many weeks and cost four million dollars but
absolutely nothing about the aircraft ever showed up some say this doesn’t
make any sense as many planes who do fall into the Pacific Ocean are washed
up eventually but this flight remains a massive mystery and to this day no one
knows what happened to Amelia Earhart or her plane next up we have Malaysia
Airlines mh370 this is a modern aircraft which vanished out of thin air this is
said to be one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries on the 8th of March
2014 the world was shaken when a airplane went missing this flight was
carrying 239 people it was going a short distance from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to
Beijing China some thought perhaps the plane went down near the southern Indian
Ocean but after spending many years scouring the seabed nothing was found no
one knows what happened to the airplane or the people on it and so far it’s been
over five years since the airplane was last seen this year some newspapers
reported that the pilot may have wanted to take out everyone on the plane and
because of this maybe he crashed the plane into the ocean but as I say there
has been no wreckage no bodies and no sightings of this plane so we just
really don’t know many people have put forward their theories and say that’s
the official stunts but they are all just fad theories next up is lost
f-35 the f-35 is a military jet made by Lockheed Martin they are one of the
fastest most powerful fighter jets and just one of these alone costs around 108
million dollars that’s why in 2019 the world was stunned when an f-35 fighter
jet from Japan went missing a 41 year old pilot named Akinori hasami
was manning the plane but following a rapid descent from a high altitude the
plane disappeared from the radar the plane was going at speeds of around 700
miles per hour 1,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean the Japanese defense
ministry said it’s likely that the pilot suffered from vertigo being so high up
in the air but that doesn’t really explain why the plane went off the radar
the plane sent no distress signals and the pilot did not try an eject the
fighter jet would have also had proximity sensors sounding an alarm but
the pilot did nothing after a few days Japan cooled off the search for the
missing fighter jet they concluded that the most likely scenario is it crashed
into the Pacific Ocean but really they’re just not sure the pilot was very
experienced and had over 3,200 flight hours but it’s not known why this 100
million dollar aircraft dropped of all radars and then was never seen again
next up is Stardust one day British South American Airways plane Stardust
was flying from Buenos Aires to Santiago this happened on the 2nd of August 1947
it took off from Buenos Aires but it never made it to its destination instead
it completely lost contact going over the Andes Mountains some say the plane
could have malfunctioned and crashed into a mountain while others think there
may have been foul play and they’re not sure what happened to Stardust it was a
very famous and beloved plane but it has not been seen for 50 years they’ve tried
to find plane wreckage and bodies in the Andes Mountains but haven’t found
anything yet and to this day Stardust remains a mystery
next up is Flying Tiger 739 this flight took place in 1962 during the Vietnam
War the US Army flying tiger flight 739 was going from Guam to the Philippines
but it lost contacts over the Pacific Ocean
however the plane wasn’t just going over any part of the Pacific Ocean it was
going over the Mariana Trench the Mariana Trench is known as the most deep
and mysterious part of the entire world it’s literally as low down as you can go
in the world at the bottom of the Mariana Trench you can’t see anything in
it’s pitch blackness but it said that many unknown creatures live down there
including the ancient Megalodon no distress calls were received from flying
tiger flight 739 and despite a massive search involving 1,400 people and 50
aircraft no one was found aid boats also covered a surface area of 144 thousand
square miles but no remains of flying tiger flight 739 were ever found what do
you think was it to do with the Marianas Trench I think it was next up is Indian
Air Force India is a massive country and they have a very strong Air Force but in
July of 2016 a mysterious thing happened to an Antonov an-2 aircraft this
turboprop transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force disappeared with 29
people on board it was flying over the Bay of Bengal and was enroute to an air
force base in Port Blair the search and rescue mission quickly became the
largest in the history of India it involved many aircrafts surface vessels
and submarines but after a few months of searching in September the mission was
called off no trace of the aunt of a 932 or the 29 people on board was ever found
and so far they have no idea what happened to this plane and finally on
the list we have vancouver douglas dc-4 in 1951 at the douglas dc-4 departed
from vancouver canada it was going to stop at Anchorage Airport in Alaska and
during the flight weather conditions were very bad and the visibility was
only 500 feet because of this the pilot signals an emergency warning but they
reported it way too late and nothing could be done then all of a sudden the
airplane disappeared from all radars since then no trace of the aircraft has
ever been found this is very mysterious as it was not flying over water so it
didn’t go under water if it crashed it must be above ground but no wreckage was
found anywhere so what do you think happened to vancouver douglas dc-4 wow
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