Best LAX Plane Spotting Guide

So I happen to know the best spot in LA
to photograph planes in LAX my friend Anthony Quintano is here from Colorado. He
wants to see it and I want to bring Anthony and all of you upstairs for a
photo walk. We’re at the spot Homewood Suites on Century Boulevard we’re
going to go to the roof. Come on everybody let’s go the hotel. It is right
down the street from LAX on century Boulevard just at the tail end of the
hotel row. Just park, go up to the 12th floor and there is a deck to see
incoming planes. You also get a glorious view of the LAX sign and Airport and it
makes a killer time-lapse and sunset shot “I love the action of the tarmac I
love looking out my plane window and seeing everything that’s going on and
I’ve always dreamed of being on the tarmac and taking pictures of you know
daily life of these workers and the planes and everything. This is the
closest I’ve ever gotten to to an airport tarmac this view this wide view
and without having to be on a plane or in a terminal. I could shoot
this all day because I mean it’s just a constant story. This is a really cool
spot. Thank you for showing it to me.” JEFF: “The fun thing is coming up here in the
morning and the night I’ve shot Sun sets over the LAX sign that is just beautiful
and of course the cool colors of the whole city you can actually get the
cityscape of downtown LA from right up here. Pretty great spot.” After the hotel we drove down the street
for our double-double, the In-N-Out in Westchester directly across the street
from the entrance to LAX. Here we got to see planes landing from a different
perspective. Like right over our heads. Now this spot is so popular David
Letterman even brought George Clooney here for a recent episode of his Netflix
talk show. Photo tip time: these planes are so huge
you want to capture them with a big wide lens a GoPro your iPhone your camera any
of them will work. I shot ultra wide although Anthony had
fun shooting on his 70 to 200 zoom lens. in getting real tight either works for
the planes from the zoom will be great for landing planes but for the
money shot nothing beats sunset in any focal length. JEFF “We got a great
double-double today we went above and we went below what do you prefer?”
ANTHONY I like above yeah like I like when the planes above the sign. JEFF
“I think that’s
cool but I would do both it’s really easy to just drive down a mile and come
here to In-N-Out right across the street, it’s
such a great vantage point.” ANTHONY ” Yeah, there are so many people here out
just to watch watch the plane not even just take pictures and there’s there’s
picnics you know people with chairs.” JEFF “Yeah have a hamburger and fries and soda. Thank everyone for watching this photo of the best spot in LA spots in LA
to photograph LAX and plane rides. Anthony say goodbye to everybody tell
everybody what we want them to know.” ANTHONY “First of all thank you for having me on
anytime and always shoot don’t don’t wait until you go on a vacation or a
trip shoot in your backyard practice and that’s how you get better.” JEFF: “And if
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exactly stay tuned for more photo walk video so we will see on the next one
let’s go get some food what do you say that’s a double-double okay

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