Can Jeno and Jaemin succeed jet surfing? [Battle Trip/2019.08.25]

(Jaemin Day, Dreamy Tour) (Jet surfing) (15-minute car ride to jet surfing) (Songjeong Beach) (About to hit the rough waves of Busan) (They’re here!) We would look funny in wetsuits. (Their good looks light up the beach) (So handsome) We’re going jet surfing. (Fixated) – So cool. / – So that’s how you ride it. It’s so fast. (You can ride freely all over the water) That looks like fun. Wow! You don’t need to ride the waves. So cool. I want to do a jump on the board. (But they stretch first) (They have to stretch before going in the water!) Hold each handle with your hands. You can ride it on your stomach like this. Then with one hand, you press the gas to make it go faster. You pull on this to speed up. You pop up on your knees. Then you straighten your arms. Your right foot goes back. Then your left foot goes into the binding up front. Stand up slowly. (They learn how to work the boards) Now you can go into the water and ride. (Will they be able to conquer the seas of Busan?) Is that only for people that have gone surfing? You can learn easily even without any experience. – It takes a long time to surf. / – Yes. You don’t need to paddle with these. I’m nervous. (The waves seem rough from the start) (Jaemin is already revving his engine) (He fails to get going) It’s going to be hard to stay balanced today. (Jaemin sets off first) (He looks cool on his board!) (The board goes fast) He got on so fast. (Huh?) (Hahaha) Was it just me or did that remind you of a frog? That really hurts. You have to watch out for that. (Hahaha) You’re not supposed to ride straight into the waves. It really hurts. I can’t see ahead of me. Let’s try again. I like how you don’t have to paddle. That thing goes that fast? It looks exciting. It’s pretty hard to stand up. – Even riding like that looks like fun. / – Yes. It was fun. – So you have to stand up. / – He has it! Back foot, back foot. – Wow. / – He did it! There are straps for your feet. (Fixated) (Nervous) (He’s a bit shaky, but he finds his balance!) (He tries taking off his hands) – Too bad. / – It isn’t easy. It’s really hard to stand up. I think I’ll be able to stand. Do you usually surf? I’ve been surfing and I stood up in one try. I’ve been snowboarding too. But that was very different. It’s a lot harder than regular surfing. (Jaemin tries to get the hang of it) Jeno hasn’t stood up yet? (He starts his engine and gets ready to go!) (His engine turned off) (His engine turned off again) (He starts his engine and gets going for real!) (He jumped?) (A belly flop into the wave) That really hurt. (Out of it from being slapped by the water) (He gets focused and tries again!) – It’s so fast. / – Why is it so fast? It goes up to 45km per hour. (He keeps moving, but then the engine shuts off) (Slap) (A total mess) This is harder than it looks. (The waves are angry after the rain) (Jaemin is also at war with the waves) (Swept by the wave) Oh, no! (He keeps falling off after succeeding only once) He has to stand. (Reality, zoom) – My gosh. / – He’s so good. Seriously. That’s what I want to do! Why isn’t it working? (Everyone else seems so skilled…) Jaemin, let’s do this! (I’m going to get it this time!) (He gets on his knees) (He’s mastered up to the part on his knees) (He calmly puts one foot in the strap) (Jaemin tries to find his balance) (Let’s go) (He’s properly balanced) Oh, my God! Look at Jaemin! He did it! (He finally stood up fully!) (Looking cool) (Automatic applause) It took so long for me to stand up. (So cool) (Looking cool) (Freely riding on the water) (Excited) (Envious) (Jeno is inspired by Jaemin and tries again) (Getting competitive) (He gets on his knees in an instant) (Jeno patiently waits for his chance) (Does he get one foot in the strap?) He can stand up! He can do this! (He’s shaky, but he finds his balance) (He tries to stand!) Jeno is riding now. (Now, all he has to do is stand up) (He lets go) (He’s up!) He’s up! He should’ve taken it slower. You should’ve taken one hand off at a time. You get nervous once you’re standing. You end up speeding more. (Regret) (They’re really enjoying this thrilling activity) I’m getting hungry. Let’s go eat tripe! Let’s go!

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