Chopper to help on front line

Surf lifesavers, police, fire fighters and
rescue workers across Australia and around the world could benefit from new unmanned
surveillance technology developed at UQ, after the signing of a commercialisation agreement.
This unique design combines the energy efficiency of a helicopter with the simplicity and robustness
of a quad-rotor, the result is an aircraft that’s up to twenty percent more energy efficient
than a conventional quad rotor whilst also being more agile and responsive.
Brisbane-based company V-TOL Aerospace will manufacture a prototype unmanned aerial vehicle
as well as develop the regulator-approved training and support services required to
make this product Civil Aviation Safety Authority compliant.
I’m excited to be able to work with V-TOL Aerospace to take this technology out of the
lab and into the field, where I think it will be the ideal platform for emergency responders
such as surf lifesavers, fire services and police.

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