Could Unusual Jet Stream Be To Blame For Long, Harsh Winter?

Are you getting tired of winter? Well, you’re
probably not alone. But if you’re wondering why it been so cold and so snowy for so long
this year, the BBC reports you can take your frustration out on the jet stream. “This year, it’s dipped down lower than usual
which has meant weather has stayed the same for weeks on end, keeping the cold weather
in North America and the storm’s over Britain.” Wired points out the Arctic has been warmer
this winter, meaning the jet stream has been weakened. When the jet stream is weakened,
it takes on a much wavier shape and can essentially keep weather stuck. And it could be a sign of things to come.
A Rutgers professor told the BBC it could mean the weather pattern is changing, adding:
“We can expect more of the same and we can expect it to happen more frequently.” Parts of the U.S. have already experienced
plenty of winter weather — even with more than a month to go before winter is over. The Northeast’s latest winter storm is being
blamed for this massive 100-car pileup in Pennsylvania. KYW-TV reports snowfall on Saturday
has already tied the record for third snowiest winter in Philadelphia history. WCAU notes this comes just one week after
an ice storm ravaged the area — causing more than 700,000 to lose power. Some lost
it for four days or more. And parts of the Midwest have been dealing
with bitterly cold temperatures for weeks. WBBM reports Chicago has seen 20 days of subzero
temperatures. The all-time record for the Windy City was set during the winter of 1884-1885
with 25 days below zero. But this winter that seems like it’ll never
end hasn’t been that bad for others. Time reports residents in the West got to
enjoy above average temperatures for January while those in the Midwest and East froze.
Alaska had its warmest January in almost 30 years. It also blames this unusual weather
on the jet stream. It might not seem like it, but this winter
will eventually end. The first day of spring is March 20.

9 thoughts on “Could Unusual Jet Stream Be To Blame For Long, Harsh Winter?

  • where i live there hasn't been any snow at all this year 🙁 i hope this does not mean i am never going to see snow again here in germany…

  • Erm, so why does my country, Finland, have like -1 celsius all the time, when it's usually over -20 celsius at this time on the year?

  • Explain the 70s and even the 80s. Much more snow and much colder. We're in a mini ice age; in case your opinion makers haven't told you.

  • It looks to me that jet stream is going around Manitoba. Right now I'm looking across the street at a tree that is up to it's branches in snow. It seems to me that climate change nutties are trying to rationalize this to continue to inspire fear. It must be very glorifying to think you understand something like the weather. As I understand it the weather is extremely chaotic. Statistics works to a degree, but with dams being built and cities increasing the urban heat island effect, I can't see how anyone in their right mind can have the arrogance to say they understand the weather.

  • The Us stole northern Europes ordinary weather 🙁 we're almost outta snow by the coast of norhern Sweden, we got like 1-2dm and rain and snow mixed with rain etc all the time and like -1 to +3 degrees celcius.
    And usually we have like over 1m of snow and -20 to -30 degrees celsius at this time of year…
    I miss my winter, haven't had any chance at all to ride snowmobile or anything fun we do at the winter :(!…

  • Now the days grow longer at an ever increasing rate, until, 90 days after winter solstice, we reach the time of year with the highest rate of day lengthening in the year, but we don't only gain minutes and hours of sunlight, we gain a more powerful midday sun, one that can power melt snow even when its well below 0 degrees, so sit back, relax end enjoy the ever quickening birth of the summer of 2014, northern hemisphere edition.

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