DC Stripper Reality Show To Air – “Strip Club Queens”

strip club reality show glamour money in
distress are all reality for exotic dancers call queens is a new reality docudrama
that will feature the lives of strippers and anything about this in tahoe cerveza
lot recently but hey they’re in the new so we’re talking about it and of the whole idea of the show the
whole premise of the show is the breakdown the stereotypes of exotic dancers it’s a in-depth look at their lives
uh… it uh… it it claims of the end of the people i was going to go through
and sort of talk about the seasonal include the suffering fast money dramas family life
relationships body image the issues cup with the cast of sexy
heeded acute emotions are recipe for a great show i think it might be a good job ladies
and gents i think it might be a great show why because a lot of things because i
work a strip clubs a lot of strippers they really do have admiration that
siding shivers leatherman college some of my med school some of the mind
dentistry school some of them or in law school and they’re using this
money to pay for their lifestyle they might be taken care of children you know i i think we were five think
it’s very important not thing that reality television is a
way to do it wedding is very important to have a conversation about well i’ve discovered that i think the
only seen in one liked almond they have this very very horrible
stigma instead of attaching them items that would be true whether or not as they did the reality
show i don’t know idu hope though that if he really should have anything it
works on tearing down the stereotypes of the system is not building them up
adding families if my reality television is the opposite uh… we’ve seen really
thought is actually that the ramps up stereotypes instead of
breaking them down and hopefully this will go on the wrong the right direction
and really really really give the american people and inside peel back the
layer of what it is for a lot of a stripper and not just what you see on
the stage are now would you see in money in a g string it’s beyond that it’s
about how they do with their families how to do with their lives how to do
with the stigma hundreds or their children how we’re dealing with school how to do with crazy patrons and the
list for the laundry list goes on and on and on now i can say that i’m gonna watch all
the episodes but i will tell you i will lease thrown
in twice the first one to see if we can truly really truly have a conversation a
good break down the stereotypes that exist in our common a society about those that engage in the a variety
dancing industry the proof will be in the planning put inlays of the casting graduations
hopefully don’t make enough money from his reality show that you can start
stripping and that’s good news relief that’s how i see it

12 thoughts on “DC Stripper Reality Show To Air – “Strip Club Queens”

  • Surprised this hasn't been done yet. My gf is a dancer to put herself through college to become a math major, and has a heart of gold!

  • This sounds like it could be an interesting concept for a show. However, I am not in support of it in the least. Reality shows are taking away the necessity to create good television. It's a lot cheaper to produce these types of shows than it is to have a well written script come to fruition, so quality goes to the wayside as people keep watching mindless dribble.

  • To be honest I go on myfreecams and Chaterbate and even exchange tweets with some of those women but I am all fixated on their sexuality and everything else they do and talk about on twitter or on chat is at best tertiary. I am having a hard time looking past their sex lives and sexual persona.

  • This show is not about a strippers life.  This show is about exploiting black women.  Why would they do this?  If the white woman is suppose to be the most attractive, then why would they have this show on with 7 black women as if anyone would ever care about these women??  This is s joke and meant to make black women appear slutty and nasty.  They could have easily had 7 white women do the show but why didnt they?  Could it be because they do not want to exploit white women?  Yes I think that is the obvious answer.

  • I think ppl think too hard these shows arnt made to cut down these ppl all these reality shows are shown to escape from our reality for 20-30min if you like it watch it if you dont and all you want to judge then dont watch simple as that

  • I am a stripper and I haven't seen the show, perhaps the club I work at is an exception as myself and the majority of my coworkers are pretty "normal" (educated, sober) types. But other than the fact that we do this super taboo and heavily stigmatized work, our lives are pretty regular and beautifully mundane. I can't fathom it making for an exciting piece of television. I highly suspect they'll be faking a fair amount of this "reality".

  • Oh great, another depressing reality show about real life crap that won't further your life in any positive way. This is a waste of time and life, I advise that you find something more productive and uplifting to focus your attention on then this garbage.

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