Don’t just fly, fly Army: Tiger.

G’day, my name’s Andrew. I’m here at Shoalwater Bay at
a military training area on the coast of Queensland,
Australia. The Army uses this place as
a training ground for operations. What better place to meet
the helicopter that was specifically designed for combat
and reconnaissance? Say hello to the ARH Tiger. This aircraft has two Turbomeca
engines with 1,555 shaft horsepower on either side,
and it burns six kilos of fuel per minute. It’s armed with a truly
incredible array of weaponry, including Hellfire missiles,
70-millimetre rockets, and a cannon with a rate of fire of
up to 750 rounds per minute. All this, and it’s still more
nimble and agile than many of its competitors. Today I’m lucky enough to
be able to speak to an ARH Tiger pilot. My name’s Andrew Jones. I’m a lieutenant in the
Australian Army, and I fly ARH Tiger. Andrew, why did you want to be a
pilot in the Army, and not a pilot of a fixed
wing aircraft? I always wanted to fly rotary. Went up in a helicopter
in New Zealand and thought, this is it. So if I was tossing up being
a civilian pilot or an Army pilot and I didn’t know
which way to go, what would you say to me? I would say definitely
go Army. It’s a lot more intense,
a lot more thorough. You can always go
back to civvie. You can’t do it the
other way around. Well, the aircraft itself
is very easy to fly. It’s got a four-axis
autopilot. You can basically release the
controls and say turn, and the helicopter will hold
that turn. The ARH Tiger is one of the most
advanced weapons systems in the world. Once the Tiger has a lock on
its target, the pilot has a really tough decision to make. Which weapon to use? Yeah, this is a seven-pod
rocket launcher, 70-mil. It’s more of an area-effect
weapon. And this is the Hellfire
launcher. The Hellfire is laser-guided,
so it’s much more accurate. Tell us about the cannon. It’s 30-millimetre, can
carry 450 rounds. Can be slaved to the pilot’s
helmet so that wherever he looks, it will point. The actual helmet is laser cut
to fit each individual’s head. There are little mirrors up here
that will project all our critical flight data information
and firing data. Basically we can look outside
and get all the data that we need. What’s been one of the
highlights of your career? Flying ARH, actually. I did a flight yesterday on
land, and that was the first flight where I really got to
throw the helicopter around, just down low and fast. It’s really, really
manoeuvrable, so you can really [INAUDIBLE] it around. You don’t have to worry
about anything. Just don’t hit the ground. [MUSIC – “RISE”] The ARH Tiger is what you get
when you mix the world’s most sophisticated technology
with the most modern hardware available. It’s redefined the role of a
helicopter in the Australia Army to suit modern battlefield
demands. And reminds us, if you want to
fly like no other pilot, then don’t just fly. Fly Army.

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