Dragonfly: A Titan Expedition of Exploration

titans of great interest to the science
community anton asseh because it’s one of a handful of places called ocean
worlds where they know there are the ingredients of life titans been doing
prebiotic chemistry experiments for billions of years these are things we
can’t do in the laboratory over that kind of time scale and the entire record
of this on earth has been erased by biology so what we’re doing with
dragonfly is going to Titan to pick up the results of those experiments Rovers
have been on Mars now the opportunity has been up there for 13 years or more
our mobility on dragonfly is a little different we’re actually a quadcopter so
we’re going to land and instead of sampling and only one place on Titan
we’ll use the rotor craft to go from place to place and measure at a wide
variety of geologic settings and we can do that because the atmosphere is really
thick on Titan and the gravity is really low so it’s a perfect place to fly a
rotor craft this mission is audacious in our goals mostly because it’s out of the
box from what people have thought about before there’s no secret sauce it’s
really just putting it all together in a way that no one had thought about that
people like wow this is really cool and that’s what makes it fun and appealing

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