EC225 Destination China – Episode 5

OK, let’s see if we’ve got
these clearances in order – Here are the ones for Vietnam
– Right, Vietnam, and the first is – LD
– LD Great, now we’ve got all
three authorizations they’ve got no reason for
keeping us here any longer Off we go! The final leg Personally, I think everyone in the
group enjoyed spending the day here I agree! For those of us who’d
never been here before it was a chance to
see a bit of Vietnam The ideal journey would have been
one day travel, two days rest but I doubt we’d have
been allowed to do that Made it! We’ve done 99.98%
of the total distance It’s just a pity that we didn’t
have fine weather on our way here As so often in this part of Asia there’s a dry mist hanging
over much of the countryside so we didn’t get a
good view from the air Anyway, the main thing is that
the helicopter is here now I think we’re going to see
some happy faces this evening – Hallo!
– Hallo Véro. – How’re you doing?
– Fine, thanks – Hey, I don’t believe it
– Yes, it’s me – Hi there!
– You doing OK? – Yeah, great.
– Did you have a good trip? So here we are! We’ve almost arrived at our destination,
only twenty minutes to go But we’re already feeling good, now we’ve
gotten the most difficult part behind us When I think of all the effort needed
to organize a flight like this obtaining diplomatic clearance, preparing
and supervising ground handling not forgetting hotel reservations it’s a huge amount of work We’d like to thank everybody
who worked on this project and especially the team of Gaë
(Geko Agency) We got to do the most exciting
part and have all the fun while they took care of
all the tedious stuff I already flew on one in 2011 and it worked out equally well This time, you could say
that I’ve converted the try But now it’s time to
take the cabin apart and restore it to its
original configuration Remove the ferry tanks,
unload the cargo and take out the toolboxes And reconfigure the helicopter
to the customer’s requirements with 19 seats, carpeting… The offshore configuration
that the customer requeste We’ll also clean it thoroughly
because, as you might have noticed it’s rather in need of it! Finally made it! The helicopter that left Marignane a little over two weeks ago
has just landed in Shenzhen The aircraft has performed exceedingly
well throughout the entire ferry flight without any major problems This successful delivery makes us
all the more proud of the EC225! On the one hand we’re happy
that we were able to accomplish the mission we
were asked to undertake but at the same time we’re sad because
it means the adventure is over But all in all we feel happy to have
participated in this wonderful experience Now all that remains is the second
part of the T21 acceptance flight with one of the customer’s own pilots Then we’ll be able to sign the
final acceptance certificate and hand over the helicopter
to its new owner complete with all documentation transferring its ownership
definitively to the customer So that’s that I’ve just completed my most
recent flight to China and I don’t know when the next will be,
but… The aircraft has no faults We’ve demonstrated to the
customers that everything is ok Now it’s their turn to play! The pilot signs the report
of the T21 acceptance flight That means he agrees with our
report of the test flight conclusion So the aircraft is deemed to
be officially certifiable by the appropriate
administrative bodies And for us that’s the
end of the story! End. Goodbye for now!
Stop the cameras, cut! Did you have a good journey? Yes, but it was long

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