(English Subbed) Hihi Jets talking about SixTONES Morimoto Shintaro

[HiHi Jets Talking about SixTONES’s Shintaro part only] Shintaro-kun from SixTONES Shintaro kun Please start About Shintaro-kun, when I first entered the company, I see
About Shintaro-kun, when I first entered the company, I joined the group Snow Prince Gasshoudan At that time, he was the center, my impression of him at that time, he was very kind to younger kids He talked to me in a very friendly way I was shy and could not start a conversation He really helped me at that time Shintaro kun pulled the group together at that time Among the seniors, Shintaro kun is the type who will start the conversation We’re thankful for that, right? Shintaro kun is hilarious His choice of words are humorous. I still watch the video, in fact I watched it just now Snow Man x SixTONES’s Collaboration video for bingo and X’mas Gift Exchange That one is brilliant Ordinary people’s level of thinking cannot do that I watched it so many times, about 5, 6 times [English sub by @morisjimusho (twitter)]

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