I got it KouJiao Sorry, bro Sorry, fan I have no med I stopped the chopper here F**k If i get one shot, i would be dead Don’t worry Using first aid kit Don’t worry, XiaoJiuZi has taken over the chopper All right I’m really tired today Bro Will you get out? This guy… Okay What the heck You’re unarmed Bro, are you here to stream snipe me? You’re too tough There is a pro here Come I’m coming Done Go All right, let’s fly the chopper to win the game Go Go to the lab We go to the lab I see one guy running I see him I tell you Knocked one Someone’s here, watch out They’re gonna stop up there Don’t be hasty, keep calm We’re safe No panicking 6 kills We play safe The chopper is flying away This way… This direction Let’s settle the treasure chest down there first Let me cover you, there must be someone else here 4 choppers Done Nice, i just got the RPG Okay Okay 8 kills *Danger ahead* Bro, that marked three, shoot him Knocked one Nice Here…3 choppers Damn, 4 choppers How to get there? Those are all choppers Where is our chopper? Someone stole it Where did he go? He stole our chopper and ran away Where is that guy then? Okay I go get the chopper behind us, wait for me Sure One rocket, one kill Someone’s coming here I see them Okay Get that chopper quickly and get the hell out of here Okay We just need a chopper now, M416 is here Have to get more ammo Get more ammo So that we could secure our victory Wow~ Bro, do you have repair kit? Yes Don’t repair, just get a new one Let me repair then Wow, 4 choppers here This guy is so sneaky He threw away all his loot here He stopped all four choppers here Okay Nice, 6 rockets Let’s fly Let’s put these choppers together and blow them up Sure, leave one You… How am i gonna put them together? Stick them together Okay Right Are you done? Yes, hold on Get in the chopper Go Go You, get in This guy is annoying Fly higher, what’s the point to fly low Fly higher You’re annoying, you stinky little brother One down Come on Let’s get our today’s slaughter started I see him Nice Wait 14 kills I see him, he’s here Don’t panic Okay Someone’s coming from our left Not this way, it’s that way Cover me Nice Let’s go, retreat now Retreat Let’s go Pochinki? Sure [Talking about lucky draw things] [Talking about lucky draw things] [Talking about lucky draw things] [Talking about lucky draw things] Nice One hit There is a guy down there There is one more, see him? I see him, he’s going down Get their chopper, hurry Okay Okay Stand here I see them Where is this guy going? [Teammate screaming something] [Teammate screaming something] [Teammate screaming something] Nice [Teammate screaming something] Done They’re all dead [Beeping] Sorry bro Bro, you’re too cocky Let me heal first Sure One hit He dodged it What’s he? He did a quick turn and dodged it Bro, saw that? This guy is really something I think i suck [Humming] [Humming] All dead It’s looting time I saw someone used a missile here just now Okay Killed them all Just pick me up, let’s retreat [Humming] Somewhere around here… No one? Nope In front There is a chopper Where? Okay, let’s get them Looks like nobody’s here I see him, a sneaky one Where? Behind the tree, between those two trees Right below us Okay He has nothing, let’s go Let’s go Center… There are 11 players left Would someone up there? We camp here first I see someone Where? Behind the mountain I see it, a chopper, right? He dodged the missile They jumped down, two guys One guy Another one Nice He’s low, die you jerk He sure very low Playful [Humming] *Danger ahead* I see it See that? One down It’s too far away I got him He’s a goner If he’s still alive, i… He jumped down Don’t panic What aren’t you flying higher? He’s on our right What’s wrong with your chopper? You always crashed into the hill *Danger ahead* Don’t crash because we would easily get shot once we’re crashed Just fly as high as you can, lower down if you see someone Right hand side Okay I see him, this tree This tree, bro I don’t see him Bro, you have to fly there I can’t shoot him My accuracy goes down Fly there, don’t spin here, it’s useless There is more here Okay There are tow guys Never mind, get down here F**k I help you to finish them You fly there Don’t keep spinning here as i didn’t see him He’s in front I see him Do you know who you’re fighting with? Killed him with last shot Well played, XiaoJiuZi, we’re flying Wow, 18 rockets Man-made bombardment zone Come on Quick, this guy knows to play Move here, pay attention to him Damn Don’t worry I’m trying to scout, hang on there 1…2…, i see two guys, how about you? After i scout, you… Heal first Don’t worry I will save you after healing myself Come here first, pick me up I just took shot inside the chopper Get down first This chopper… Isn’t this chopper bullet-proof? Only front passenger seat I can’t save you I can’t be saved anymore Bombard him to death One guy Okay, leave the rest to me It’s 1v2 now, bro These two guys are on the same team Yes This missile is hard to use One down Wow~ Bros [Talking about lucky draw things] [Talking about lucky draw things] [Talking about lucky draw things]


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