Geocaching in Brisbane! The Lady Goes To Brisbane | Part 1

ALARM RINGING MUSIC PLAYING Announcement: Welcome to Brisbane, welcome to Australia. Good morning, welcome to Australia,
welcome to Red Cliff. It is day two, I flew in yesterday. Sorry for the really crappy flight footage.
It was raining and it was gross and it was rough. Made it. We’re in Red Cliff. It’s day two. Today we’re gonna go shopping and I’m
gonna go find another geocache, called Gollum’s door. Which is really awesome. It’s a multi. Just came down to look at the pool.
We will be in there later. We’re gonna go back to the room, grab our stuff and go and look at the Geocache! Alrighty everyone, I found our first geocache in Brisbane! It is about 8 o’clock at night and this is Red Cliff parade, I believe? And there’s a nice easy
Geocache under a seat here, I found it. Yes! First. Geocache. In. Brisbane! It’s under .. that seat there. Imagine doing this in the middle of the day .. Tadaaa! Yesss! MUSIC PLAYING So, first geocache of the day.
It’s called Gollum’s door. It is based on Lord of the Rings. And there’s a really cute door in a tree on the waterfront. And you’re gonna get a couple of things, to be able to get the coordinates and then go find the final. It’s so cute. I can’t wait to show you, guys! Let’s have a look .. Ooooh! Oh my gosh, look at that! That is so cute! That is seriously awesome! And the beach .. is right there. Okay, so for this one, you have to .. – there is a little plaque on it – you have to read what’s on the plaque and you have to add up the letters of each of the words and that will give you the letter – number combination to then get the coordinates to the final, so I’m gonna do that now! I’ve got the final coordinates.
It’s a 220 meter walk that way. We’re getting close, but there’s construction behind me, so I’m hoping it’s where that sign is. Hopefully. Found it! Found it! Yes! Yes! Yes! There it is! Awesome! Time to log it! Okay, so that was a multi-cache. It was awesome. That was so cool!
Gave it a favorite point of course! Good morning, everyone. It is day 2/3. Today we are off to Brisbane Airport again. We’re gonna swap the car out and I’m gonna do a couple of geocaches there go shopping and then drive up to Noosa
today. So, yeah. That’s the plan! Alright, everyone, so we were driving to the airport and we came across this really cool looking cemetery. And there is a geocache here!
So I thought, well, we have to stop of course! Entered over here. This is the cemetery. Amazing, by the way! It’s right behind here. There it is. Look. Look, there it is. Success! Bingo! More Eclipses tins here .. We don’t like mint tins. MUSIC PLAYING Made it to the Kingsford Smith Memorial, at the airport. There are two caches here. There is a virtual cache and there is a normal cache. I think it’s kind of like a travel bug hotel .. Oh, it’s empty here! There’s no one here. Awesome! It’s like a travel bug hotel, so I’m gonna go
find both of them. MUSIC PLAYING Okay, so this is the virtual, you have to take a picture behind here and then on the plaques there is information, you have to send it to the cache owner so I’m going to do that one now – insert picture here and then now I’m going to go find the other Geocache. Found it! Gonna grab it! Got it! Okay. So, that’s both caches done, at the airport. Picked up a travel bug and I left some travel bugs there. Got bitten by a whole lot of bugs. Boy! Man! So many bugs here! But, yeah, did both of those.
Now we’re off. I’m gonna leave it here again, until maybe we find another Geocache. I hope you enjoyed those two! (Edit by the Man: The lady did!)

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