GTA 5 GTA V GTA 5 Online GTA 5 Gameplay Gameplay what is going on everyone guys we are back with another GTA 5 mod
video today give you a little mod showcase showdown on the GTA 55 chopper
gunner mod to do a couple more mod showcase on the channel and check out
the really cool mods for you guys in the show them off mother would really be
able to do like a full half an hour stream on so it’s basically like a
chopper gunner from Modern Warfare 2 first-person mode every day and we can
arrange that I think it’s like 15 killstreaks get some like for 420
Doritos no scope shot kills here so we are tested out a little bit breezy
operators go way of recording a video done much I’ll blue though they’re all
gonna die by the head of I really wanna get those plays behind us wrap around
you then there’s not much I can do it please please go away why why does the
diatomic blamed him on as if like this was gosh gosh ok outgoing chopper gunner
the top corner we’ve gotta get amazing combest one of the best composition I
could ever as well I guess just got by chopper I’m done with you every fall
into the air and you can you guys are probably like know he’s too bad as what
do you do for twenty 360 noscope well no I’m not up I become chopper gunner man shoot like
this is actually really awesome this is better than the real game in the future
the chapter done it comes on the ground I don’t know I don’t look like a chopper
I just look like going so you get a job and I was like to jabber stand out all
the shapes ok so these are explosive rounds that makes a lot of nothing blow
up when I was shooting out of the chopper gunner me back and let me get a
job was to be in you hold on I’m comin up to you just let it stay up here like
it works ok let me just angle this properly you just stay right there nice
steady and still ok I’m just getting error right inside you we go out we got higher right now we’re
jobber gunner man I I just gotta hand it off like that when you no longer have
your vehicle you just begun chopper gunner man and that’s ok na na na na
took a chopper please pull up pull up pull up a couple of speed your comments
please job for his family anyway guys I think this video california’s like I we see these models
demonstrate with everyone it’s not like it’s not one of those
models kinda long enough to go and make a funny moments like a little show gave
your day maybe it’s a it’s a Monday I hope this video on a Monday that before
us but yeah I thought about it but it could be a Monday maybe I’ve tried your
money up a little bit but I thank you so much for watching of course he didn’t
hit that like button down below to try for more awesome GTA 5 content this
isn’t a crime scene now see you guys next time for another awesome day yeah

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