Halo Lifts’ NEW Aluma 2.0 Ultimate Kit

– Hey guys, Brad here with Custom Offsets. Got a little something different for you. This is not Lifts & Levels for you, this is gonna be a first
impression unboxing video. We got a box in here from HaloLifts. This is going to be their new product. This is their Aluma series,
their Aluma 2.0 series, so if you’re familiar
with HaloLifts at all they make a lotta coilover lifts, small lifts like between
one to three inch lift kits for F-150, they have some
for the GM 1500 trucks, and they just came out with a new product. This one is going to be
their all new coilover, completely redesigned from the ground up. It’s actually gonna be an
aluminum body coilover, and they sent us a set
so we could check it out and see what we think of it, and we’re gonna go ahead and get to it, and open it up and see what we think. Now, from the pictures I’ve seen it does look pretty sweet, it looks like a very
nicely built coilover. Lotta paper packaging here,
good protection on these. (upbeat music) Because, you know, shippers aren’t very nice with everything. So this is gonna be,
obviously these are gonna be, this box has all the front coilovers, and this’ll be the rear
shocks in this other box here. So let’s see. One, two. And then we got some
stickers and stuff here, and then what else we got? We got the hardware as well for the lower strut mounts. Looks like there’s some loose hardware floating around in the
bottom of this box here. All right, so then let’s see, we’re gonna move over this this box here. Open this baby up and see what we got. If you were looking at
these on our website, this is actually, would be
coming with a rear block kit and some U-bolts to lift
the rear of the truck. Because these coilovers actually come for preset at 2 1/2 inches of lift. Obviously they are adjustable
with the preload adjuster on the top here so you change the amount of lift that you get. Up to three inches is what’s recommended in stock suspension form. You know, you’re kinda limited by the CV axles and stuff like that. So these are for one to
three inches of lift. They come set at 2 1/2, and you can raise and lower it from there. And let’s see, so we’re just
getting the shocks here, so we’re not gonna have
any blocks to show you. And then these are going to
be the rear Aluma shocks. The biggest difference,
let’s open these up too. I guess from these and their old one is just simply gonna be
the construction of them. Halo’s old coilovers were a steel body with a, I believe a zinc plating on them. These are gonna be a complete
aluminum-bodied shock, which is gonna help
with any kind of cooling and basically the heat exchange. It’ll allow the shock body to cool faster, and as you can see then you can see we got this nice
anodizing on the top hats, the preload adjuster, the bottom plate, and everything like that as well. And from what I’m told
these are actually made, these coilovers are made
by the company Elka, E-L-K-A, I believe that’s how you say it. It’s a Canadian company, and if you’re familiar in
the powersports world at all, they’re a huge company
in the powersports world. They’ve been making
coilovers and shocks for ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt
bikes, motorcycles, all that stuff for a long time. And I guess they’ve recently
gotten into the truck market, and so they partnered up with Halo, and that’s who makes this
whole coilover assembly. You can see the springs
even say Elka on them. Springs are nice, they got
a textured finish to them. It’s not just like a standard gloss but black or anything like that. These coilovers also
got a little bump stop, integrated bump stop on them. Shocks are, the rear shocks are of similar construction as well. Same color on the body, these are an all-aluminum shock as well. The body’s all aluminum, aluminum top cap. And then these are going
to be rebuildable as well. So they’re meant to be
taken apart and rebuilt, not just once they start
leaking or something they have to be thrown out. This one in particular is gonna be for the 2014 and up F-150s. They do have other F-150 kits. And then right now I
think this Aluma series is only out for the F-150s. They don’t have them for the Chevies yet. But HaloLift seems to be most
popular with the F-150 crowd, so that’s why they started there first. That’s gonna be it for this video. This is just a quick unboxing video. For all your suspension needs make sure you check out customoffsets.com where we have all the truck suspension you could ever need any want from leveling kits to lift kits to coilovers, from spacers to the blocks and everything in between. Check it out. – Wow, look at these new Halo struts. Is this their Aluma series? – Yes, it is, the Aluma 2.0 series. – Wow, what’s the difference
between the new one and the old one? – These are better.

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