Helicopter Support Teams

The MLG’s function is to support the division,
that’s what we’re doing when we do these external lifts.The division
Marines they’re, you know, pushing forward. So we can just go out there, wrap up a
pallet of ammo and then an aircraft can come and we can just attach it and that aircraft
can fly that ammo to those Marines within 30 minutes. The helicopter support team facilitates the transportation of gear and equipment via helicopters to certain places
where we’re going to have Marines. There’s not always going to be,
you know, rows or rails available to get gear and supplies to
those Marines where they need it. So, that’s where we come in. We rig up, you know, a pallet of MREs
or, you know, a water bowl or a Humvee and we hook it up to underneath
the helicopter and the helicopter can fly in there directly where
it needs to go and drop it off. 200 mile an hour winds and it feels like
a hurricane; that’s the best way I can describe it. It hits you all at once, and
once you get your footing and once it’s like, right on top of you,
the eye of the storm, it’s a lot easier to see.

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