How to make a Paper Airplane Jet – BEST paper airplanes that FLY FAR

How to make a paper airplane that flies far and straight like this? Well in this video you are going to learn that. This one is amazing. And yeah I am back again. I was busy quite a while but I am back. You see how straight this goes? Very straight. I named this paper airplane the Metaphor. And if you have done everything correctly. After watching this video it should look
like this. Let’s get straight to the tutorial. Shall we? So, let’s start with the most basic fold ever. This is also the most important one! So make sure you make everything right. If not take another sheet of paper. By the way if this video is too fast for you: I can recommend to pause the video after every second fold. That surely will help. I will not talk too much because I think
most parts are self-explanatory Enjoy and good luck. That is the auto-focus. It is pretty annoying. I hope that happen.. that does not happen
too much. Guys to be honest I think I am the first Youtuber ever that got 75,000 subscribers without talking can you imagine that? The second fold is always the same Make sure it is as much as possible the same. Check that and be precise. Here we go. This is not hard, is it? So, be careful here when you fold. This part to the top. Make sure you do not cut the paper at the sites. But also try to fold it as much to top as possible. Without cutting the paper And here you have to be careful as well. Just hold the top part and not the bottom one. Guys really, this is easier than it looks. There is also another line you can use for orientation. So, this is the most important part of all. You see this point at the tip and this point? Make sure it matches the side at the bottom. This fold is also very important. Make sure you make it right. So your paper airplane flies straight. And take your time. So, let’s get straight to the last step. This part should be parallel to the top. Do not make it too small. And yes guys, that’s pretty much it. It was not too hard. Or, was it? Leave down a comment. I would really love to see if this was hard for you or if it was easy. That is it. That is the Metaphor paper airplane. Hi guys, thanks for watching my video here on YouTuBe. I am really happy to see you here. And if you enjoyed watching this video and folding the paper airplane I taught. Like this video, so I can see that. And of course if you are new to this channel make sure you subscribe. So you will not miss any of my future videos. Every saturday I am uploading another video, teaching how to make a paper airplane. And at the left side of this video you can find my social media pages. I would really love to see you following me there. I am posting a bunch of interesting stuff and music that I like that you may like too. And of course my paper airplane creations. Right next to that there is a box you can click on. Where you can see on what projects I lately was working on. And at the side of this video, there are three of my paper airplane creations. You can click on them as well. And there you will see the tutorials for these ones that are really worth their folding. They were folded with a similar folding technique so you may like them too. And what is left to be said is: I would really love to hear your feedback for this video. Make sure you comment down below, so I can read that. I try to reply to all comments and until next saturday. Are you happy now?

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