INDONESIA to strengthen its military presence in THE SOUTH CHINA SEA. | Hot News.

Natuna Island is located on the border island,
at the same time it is the nearest military outpost of Indonesia to the South China Sea. “We will equip the port Natuna and prolonged
military airstrip on the island. I think military airstrip on the island need enough for 4 fighters
took off at once,” he Ryamizard Ryacudu, Indonesia’s defense minister declare. Indonesia’s defense minister added that he
would much new to fighters stationed at air bases in Natuna Ranai. Ryamizard Ryacudu He said he had prepared
a list of weapons needed for the military outpost on the border, and that the weapon
system is necessary to prevent threats that may occur to the territory of Indonesia. “We are not currently in a state of war, but
the South China Sea is too close to us. We need to be prepared for every situation. Forces
of our military is very strong, but need to add weapons to no need to worry in the future,
“he said Ryacudu. South China Sea is an important maritime routes
in the region and the world. This is always potential areas of conflict by Chinese territorial
disputes with Southeast Asian countries in recent years. Earlier, Indonesia has upgraded a naval base
(Lanal) in Pontianak, West Kalimantan into a major naval base to guard their dispute
broke out over the sea. “We should maintain security and stability
in the South China Sea, particularly in the context of the threat is increasing recently,”
the Navy commander of Indonesia, Admiral Ade Supandi said last week. Besides the increase in weapons Natuna Island,
Indonesia Ministry of Defence also began checking the military weaponry throughout the direct
behest of President Joko Widodo. “We need to know what weapons we need to be
repaired or replaced,” said Minister Ryacudu.

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