Jet 1×42 belt grinder

okay quickvid this is my new jet won by
42 I’m not putting the table on because I plan on using this area to slack belt
my knife handles when I’m trying to shake them that is the only sanding belt
I have the one that came with it because Amazon decided that I didn’t need the
ones I ordered and they said it’d I needed these and when I called them to
complain that they sent me ones I didn’t order and didn’t need they responded by
sending the the same exact thing still no belts okay I’ve ordered them from
somewhere else I’ll get them cut up this is a nice machine nice machine this
raises up so you could use the the curvature of that Sam
I and you know my other jet sander you
know this has worked out great I’m really glad I did that
makes it a lot more convenient to see what you got and what you’re running out
of the amount of this in here don’t use this a lot
I’m not going to replace it I was going to buy a good one but as long as just
cranks up in turns I’m nah I’m going to just keep it it for
what I use it for it’s it’s okay and there’s my two by forty two and I
got to tell you this has been a great belt grinder five hundred bucks and for
a hobby knife maker it’s perfect if I was you know perfectional full time
knife maker I would go to the to buy 72 but the two by forty two is just fine
for my needs and next I’m going to buy a genuine
knife makers Forge from NC tool and I’ve got this
and my little hard work right 1 by 30 I’m trading it to a young guy who works
at Andy for some really cool leather ok I’ve got a whole bunch of clips of this
knife here being built this is sandy sandy and Allen and but I’m not going to
put those clips up till after I get the knife built alright have a good good
weekend y’all

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