Kauai Helicopter Tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Spotlight – KVIC-TV, myKauai.com [Activity]

One of the wonderful things about Kauai is
the variety of ways there are to explore. One can venture by land, by sea, and even
by air. That’s why it’s no surprise that taking to the skies for an aerial tour, remains
one of Kauai’s top attractions. It’s something that you don’t get to do a lot in the other
parts of the world, it shows you every part of the island. I don’t think you can pinpoint
one specific, the tour itself was unbelievable. You get to see something you haven’t seen
from that vantage point before, especially on this island. Wow, what an amazing ride,
it’s incredible to see all the sights you can see from the sky that you cannot access
from the ground. We’d like to extend a very special mahalo to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
for taking us up today, and we invite you to have your own opportunity to enjoy the
aerial sights of beautiful Kauai.

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