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Another amazing episode
of “What The Fit,” a major shout out
to DJ Khaled and his son, Asahd. Right now,
it’s about you people at home, what we’re about to do,
you know what’s going on. Ronald “Boss” Everline
is about to give you some things that you can do
at home right now. Boss, take it away.
-So I’m just gonna repeat exactly what he said,
I’m Ronald “Boss” Everline and I’m about to give you
some stuff you could do at home. -I thought
you’re gonna introduce me. -Why would we introduce you, -Sorry.
-you’ve been on TV
the whole time. -You’re right.
-That’s Kevin Hart, if you didn’t know obviously, he’s the biggest comedian
in the world and this is your show. Okay. So here’s
what we got, we’re gonna do a snatch, a dumbbell snatch.
Right, right here,
single full body move, 12 of them. Kev, can you give me
12 of those. -I can get you 12, Boss. -Boss: If you’re at home
and your energy is low and you don’t feel good,
I promise you,
-( grunting ) -if you get up and move you’ll feel better.
I promise. -Kevin: Look at that.
-Come on Kev, stop it. -Kevin: What am I doing?
What do you mean stop? -Boss: Bend over,
you’re arching your back. -Brother, brother,
brother, that’s enough. -What?
-Kevin: You said
bend over your arch, what?
-Boss: Hey, guys,
I don’t understand why my friend
always makes these things
so difficult. -What was that?
-I have a few minutes to show you guys a few moves
and challenge you. -Okay. All right.
-Boss: Okay. So here’s a move
we can do at home, it’s called a floor press. You’re gonna laydown,
( grunting )
and press up, you can do four sets
of twenty-five. -Four sets of
twenty-five he said.
-Yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna
give them to you now and Kev is gonna do 25.
And don’t cheat me. -Kevin: Give me my–
-Boss: No, no, no,
you’re gonna use these weights I got.
-Kevin: No, give me–oh, God. -Boss: What’s wrong?
-Kevin: I’ve been
working out all day. -Here you go.
Control the weight. -Geez.
-Boss: There you go, bring them together, press, 25, good job, Kevin Hart. -Kevin: Oh.
-You can do this at home, you can do this
in the gym, you can do this
on an airplane, you can do this
in a bathroom,
-( grunting ) -good job, Kevin.
-Kevin: Twenty-five. Boss: You didn’t do 25. But we’ll take that
-( speaks Spanish ) -All right.
So here’s the last move, we did two moves–
-( speaks Spanish ) -Stop with the karate.
-Go ahead. -Kev, I actually really
wanna challenge you to this. -Okay.
-Boss: Dumbbell roll outs. Let’s see
if you can do a real 20, not a cheated 20
you’ve been giving me in all these other episodes.
-So, you do a real 20. -Why I gotta do a real 20? I’m trying to work you.
-Why I gotta do a real 20? -Boss: Right there,
just 20 of them.
-Kevin: Yeah, let me see you do 20 of them.
-It’s not about me. -Kevin: All right.
Not about me either then. -Boss: It is about you.
It’s your show. -Always trying to get me
to go out and do 20. The people at home are the
ones that need to do 20. -No, you need to do 20. -Kevin: I don’t need to do shit.
-Twenty. -I ain’t doing no damn 20.
You just did three. Quick to tell somebody
what they got to do but he don’t never wanna do it. Get down there
and let me see you do 20. You just did three.
– You saw me? You see I’m– – You did three.
– –I’m getting ready. – Kevin: You didn’t do five.
– I’m getting ready, people. -Kevin: Back up, little shoes. – It’s a size 12.
-Kevin: That’s not a 12. -Boss: Why do you have
to make everything difficult? -Kevin: Because that’s not a
12, I don’t know why you lie. Watch out, brother,
the way you’ve been talking, I told you I don’t like you
behind me when I work out. -Boss: The way
I’ve been talking?
-Kevin: Yeah, man. -Boss: One, come on, 20. -Kevin: This grass ain’t even.
-Twenty. -This grass ain’t even, man.
-Boss: Twenty, man. -I’m not gonna do that shit
and throw my back out out here. -Boss: You don’t have
a bad back.
-Kevin: Yeah, I do, man, -out here, I do.
-Hey, guys, this is a good move, -you’re working your core.
-These ain’t even turf. -You can do this at home.
I don’t understand why my friend again is making everything
so difficult. -Because this grass ain’t even, you act like I’m saying
something stupid, this grass is off.
-What’s off about the grass, what type–what type
of grass is this, Kev, since you are a landscaper
and now all of a sudden you– -Eli Nola.
-It’s what? -Eli Nola grass,
everybody knows that. -Boss: What the hell
is eli nola grass? -It’s an outside grass. -Boss: Do the reps. This boy just
make up anything, just makes up anything.
-That’s how I could tell, you ain’t never mowed no lawn,
because you’d be able to tell what grass is this.
-Boss: I’m from Texas,
I mow a lawn. -Well then you would know
this Eli Nola grass. -That’s my first part
of exercising, cutting grass. -Only thing that this grass
is good for are kicks. -Hey, Kev, I told you, this is my segment
and you’re gonna stop doing it. And you’re gonna actually
break your shit down this time. Now, get your ass
right here. Hey, hey. Finish it up.
Now say it. Give an outro, right now, give an outro, say it, boy. You’re not asleep. You’re not. Lay down, lay down.
-That’s called a trick, I got you
where I want you now. -Where is that?
-Kevin: I got you
where I want you now. -All right.
Say it, outro, “What The Fit,” say the show. Say the goddamn show– I’m tired of you, hey,
you know what, say it, say it. This is Kevin Hart
with “What The Fit.” Hey, thank you for joining us
at your in-home work out. I’m with my trainer,
Ron “Boss” Everline, we want you guys
to move, be better, we challenge you every day,
go to sleep. Go to sleep. He out. Cut the cameras, he done. It’s over. Cut the– cut the cameras. -Woman: Be gentle with him.
-Boss: For what? He ain’t gentle with me. -Ah. Schnidle diddle,
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