Namibia Ministry Of Environment And Tourism: Airbus’ H125 in the fight against poachers

I am Carl-Heinz Moeller, and I’m the chief pilot
for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the helicopter division.
So with this aircraft, we do basic patrols… anti-poaching patrols in our national
parks and other wildlife areas. We do game capture, we do aerial surveys or
game counts, we do VIP transport and then general park management flights. So if we do collaring within
the ministry, it’s usually organized by the Scientific Services Division
of the ministry. Our aircraft falls under wildlife support services, and we help
all the other directorates within the ministry. So if the scientific services people want
to immobilize and collar some animals in some area, then they ask for
assistance of the helicopter. They usually acquire the collars, and we have
a veterinarian for the game capture unit, and then all of us together go out
into the field and then try and do the work as efficiently as possible.
We often fly areas that we usually don’t see and we can foresee a problem
happening in that area… so maybe if we find something that’s not supposed
to be there, then instead of letting it go before it gets really bad, then the helicopter
helps in obviously finding out the problem. Another advantage of the aircraft is
I’m often stationed in Etosha so constant aerial surveillance
of the area does deter people from the outside to get in. The [H125’s] performance is outstanding.
With a normal configuration we’ll be one pilot plus approximately three crew
and then full fuel. So in that configuration, even if it’s a 40- or 42-degree afternoon,
we can still take off within the safety limits of this aircraft.
I wouldn’t want to fly any other machine for these type of missions.

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