Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmers – Land Rescue

If the call comes to us, there’s no hesitation. We’ll find out who needs help. How many need help. Where are they. When. So we know how long they’ve been there. We’re there. We’re in the air. We’re en route to the scene. We’ll get on scene. Assess the situation. Decide what techniques we need to use. If it’s over water, inland. Different techniques for different situations. We have to be ready for that. So basically ready for anything. It’s already pre-assessed as to who’s going down, grab the survivors, and bring them back on board. And we train at the hardest level possible. That way when the rescues come we’re not thrown a curve ball. We are fully prepared to execute our mission to the highest level possible. It makes me feel amazing to rescue somebody. To know that they were on that mountainside they needed me and I could come in there and do everything I needed to do to get them out of there. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I’m put there to make sure other people live. So others may live. That’s our motto we live by.

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  • I was at NAS Whidbey Island a couple years ago on a NSCC training for aviation maintenance on the Prowlers there. VERY cool place out in the Pacific Northwest.

  • I meant that there might be some interferences in their duties and responsibilities. And I didn't get the cut, you know? Where does the job of the navy start and the job of the coast guard end?

  • I was stationed @ NASWI Sar for three years. It isnt anything like the Coast Guard mission as they mainly deal with maritme emergencies. They also fly the HH-65 in the Pac norwest, and it has very limited lifting capabilities. WHIDBEY SAR is the premier INLAND SAR command in the pacific northwest. The Navy operates about eight different inland sar stations throughout the United States.

  • @brittyfighterpilot You have to want it in your heart before anything else. $25,000 sign-on bonus isn't going to get you through the school. The biggest problem I see in females in particular is the fact that you guys aren't as strong on your push-ups and pull-ups. Practice running every other day for roughly 30-40 minutes at an 8 minute mile pace.

  • @darien811

    hey my name is BrandonT Landenberg. wanting to join AIRR this june in the delay entry program. what should i have on my contract?

  • I don't make contracts for new sailors, only future rescue swimmers. I would have to say make sure that they have AIRR somewhere on there to determine this job field.

  • How many land rescues do they do to water rescues? I'd rather do 60% land rescues, 40% water, not the other way around. Great Video!

  • @ndmaskell Why is that comment even directed at me. Also, under fire? AWR and AWS rescue crews will most likely NEVER see any combat or be under fire…? They can do anti piracy. Also with the equipment in Foxtrot Hotel and Romeo Helos it can basically fly itself.

  • Got my AIRR contract and I leave in April. It's my dream to be stationed at Whidbey Island and work with such an elite group. That's how I first heard about Rescue Swimmers, since I live in Seattle.

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