New Jurassic World Pteranodon vs. Helicopter 2015 Hasbro Unboxing Review Dinosaur Toys Action Figure

Wow guys it’s great to see you again
we’re gonna have so much fun today I’m so glad you came back today we have
Jurassic world this is a turd on verse the helicopter Wow
this set is awesome take a look at it the Terra Don has a hatch that opens up
and the helicopter has a missile so if you shoot it with the missile it’ll a
wound like opens up on its stomach it has a little guy a missile a helicopter
wow that’s cool New Jurassic World Pteranodon vs. Helicopter 2015 Hasbro Unboxing Review Dinosaur Toys Action Figure let’s check out the back ok says that it
says it has chomping jaws firing missile and here it says Terra Danvers the
helicopter the bird on the horizon is getting awfully big queen gets nada this
was the last transmission from the pilot it’s also how he found out the Terra Don
had escaped Wow this says okay guys let’s take a closer look at the set wow
this Terra Don is awesome take a look at him look at the patterns on his wings
you look really cool here’s his arms here patterns on his
wings here and his legs are like they almost there like reversed if you look
it’s almost like arms upside down here is his little tail is back
while they did a really good paint job on his head as you can see here his eyes
look very very scary looking and with the AH like it’s almost like a greenish
gray with like a purplish color here as you can see his teeth are really
cool-looking they almost look like they’ve been individually painted I
really liked that and then he has a hatch over here that if it’s hit with
the missile it pops open and you can see like wounds like his insides and here’s
his ribs here and then let’s see what else here’s the underside of his wings
and then you could just close the hatch back up and continue playing and if you
squeeze his legs he flaps his wings and he moves his head up and down and he
closes his jaws wow that is really cool take a look at that you can have a lot
of fun with this see he could swoop down to grab the guys from the ground and
then let’s take a look at the guy he’s a cool pilot I mean he has tiny his head
turns his arms go up and down his legs move individually so he adds really cool
if you look they did a really good job of coloring him and everything
Lucy the tarragon could fly down like grab him and fly away with him see he
fits he fits into the Terra Don’s mom I think that’s why they made it they made
him so tiny so he could fit there in Helena now let’s take a look at the
helicopter it’s really cool see here the blades are together but if you separate
them it’s a four blade helicopter and it has really good spinning action then the
rotor tail rotor also spins and here it says Jurassic world right on the
helicopter you got a big gun here with the missile and it has a little button
here it actually shoots the missile oh wow that really shoots it far let’s take
a look at that again opps they didn’t push it in hahaha that’s awesome and then if you
push down on the blades here the whole front of the helicopter pops open so
almost like the helicopter was attacked by a dinosaur let’s go ahead and put
that little guy in here and then we close the cockpit here and
we put it back together see myself the dinosaur attacks him the whole front of
it pops open and the guy flies up Wow although it doesn’t it doesn’t really
have enough force to throw the guy out and if you push it and pull the ghost
forward but it’s not it’s not that great and then let’s see if you jerk it down
some okay if you jerk it down it does open so basically you have to push the
top here and jerk it down and then the if you do it hard enough the pilot
actually flies out of his seat Wow let’s take a look at the inside
looks really cool to get all the instrument panels up there the seat is
pretty much molded to fit the pilot right in there like I said the top opens
and closes so that’s cool I really like the fact that you could spin the rotors
so it looks almost like it’s flying Wow what do you guys think about that it’s
awesome and see if the Terra Don’s attacking luck you could shoot it right
in the hatch there and the wound pops open Oh tear down ins with it crash
leans into the ground Wow Wow guys the forest is so beautiful
uh-oh here comes peppa and her friends they’re driving through the forest but
they don’t know how dangerous it is Oh No look this she’s some eggs off in the
distance Wow let’s go see those eggs or all do you hear a flapping sound I think
I hear a flapping sound hello the teardown has Rebecca by their ears it’s
trying to fly away Oh No poor Rebecca what are you here Wow
look it’s a hell it’s a Jurassic Park helicopter to the rescue Wow
look he’s flying in and it gets him right in the stomach
oh he opens up a big wound that his stomach and the tear down wow he’s
trying to get away the turn-on is trying to get away but what are we here oh love indominus rex as a tarragon’s
flying up indominus rex grabs him in his jaws he throws him across Wow then the
helicopters flying in the helicopters flying in as he shoots his miss want the
indominus rex indominus rex grabs the front of the helicopter it flips open
and the pilot goes flying out of the helicopter to the ground and he runs for
his life of it while the indominus rex is trying to eat his helicopter wow boy
and pepper on her friends step on the gas Rebecca’s fine she fell back into
the Jeep boy oh boy they got out there fast Wow the indominus rex rex is
destroying that helicopter and he throws it out of the way Wow yay he’s the winner but everybody got
away the pilot and Peppa Pig and everybody ran away before the indominus
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