Nick Maxwell One Tank Tip #2: “Piro” Flips

Hi everybody, Nick Maxwell here. Today’s One Tank Tip will be on
pirouetting flips. This is a maneuver that everybody likes. It’s a real crowd-pleaser and it’s kinda hard to explain. So there’s multiple different ways to
do so I’ll just show you my variation on it. Go and pull up into a hover here. One common misconception is that piroflips are all about timing I’ve found that actually if you fly through
the piroflip and take out the four major orientations it makes them a lot easier, specifically when you wanna start reversing and moving the model around during the piroflip and all that stuff. Going to click into idle-up here. To kinda start out this is what I found seems the help. Most
people tend to like to pirouette to the left I’m going to go ahead and pirouette to the right just for this. Just that’s my preferred direction. But also a lot of people prefer to start the flip outward. So we’ll go ahead and do that. Okay, half flip out. Now we’re going to rotate
the nose whichever direction you prefer ninety degrees Half flip out ninety degrees Half flip out ninety degrees Half flip out ninety degrees If you notice there four different orientations there You end up in the exact same
position that you started in. The reason for this is as you start to actually combine the piroflip, so say we’re going to incorporate a half a piro into a flip here. Push out, pull back, pull back. So now we’re inverted Right aileron, down elevator. This is where those aileron orientations help you even
for just when we’re ending up nose is or tail in. So, half flip left aileron, up elevator now we’re gonna go up left and down elevator. So, now we’ll start to just kinda add some more pirouettes in there and you’ll see so right, down left, up, right, down, left, up, right, down, left, up. And you can see where those four orientations that we did stationary come into play and in a full piroflip, where you never stop the tail rudder. So, now we’ll start to goin’ a little faster here. So, now here what I’m seeing is the
I’m seeing the bottom of the helicopter… top of the helicopter bottom top And you try to watch the nose. You
want the nose to always flip out in this type of piroflip. So, we’re seeing we’re gonna need down elevator, now we’re gonna need up up down up And you also tend to try to pay attention to the way that the nose is So with the nose left we’re gonna give right aileron with the disc towards us. So right left right left So when the skids are in, when the
skids in and the nose is right we’re gonna give left aileron. We’ll start, we’ll do this four-point part
again just to give you just to show you and I’ll morph it into
continuing to piroflip Excuse me here, we’ll start over. Half flip ninety-degree, half flip, ninety-degree half flip, ninety-degree, half flip, ninety-degree, now we’re going to hold a slow pirouette, so right, down That’s that first orientation, second and as you get faster you can see where that comes into play Same thing for reversing when you start
wanting to reverse. You can use that same technique to reverse. Some kinda neat things here just to take
a basic piroflip and add a little I call it “character” A lotta guys like Tariq they tend to do piroflips and the pump the pitch one direction This is actually just a piroflip so even
though we’re doing pirouetting pogos This is still the same thing. It’s a piroflip. You can see where those learning those orientations really help
build into other maneuvers. So hopefully that helps you learn and
get comfortable with piroflips. my in

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