Sanji, Franky e Chopper vs Subordinados de Caesar – (Legendado/Subtitled)

Eyebrow rolled! Amazing! That guy is very strong! Damn it! Little racoon! A rocket-punch! T-They… …are no longer running! She is gentle with children. I mean, she’s just nice to children, but I like the nami because of it. This makes me even more passionate! Chopper, go ahead with Nami-san. Yeah, I protect her! Hey, boys! follow this beautiful woman and the raccoon of the Kung Fu! I face these persecutors! But make no mistake! I’m just doing it for the wonderful will of Nami-san to want to help you! In fact, I not like you because of this affection that Nami-san is giving you! Thank you, Eyebrow-uncle! Shut up, bastard! Run soon! Let’s go now! Everybody, follow us! Damn! They’re taking the kids! You don’t need to do this, Franky. I would never disappoint fans of the impenetrable Franky! We will fight with you! Do your best!

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