SCOOBY DOO Copter Helicopter With Giant Pirate Ship Video Toy Unboxing Parody – WD Toys

to see you again and so glad you came
back we’re gonna have another meeting today let’s go ahead and take a look at
this one become the storm looks awesome in Chi if
you enjoy the show make sure you click clack in later we’ll
have to a secret word and I also man card was a lot more fun videos SCOOBY DOO Copter Helicopter With Giant Pirate Ship Video Toy Unboxing wow thats go ahead and open this guy going all over the place flying everywhere direction he’s supposed to be sure that
creepy old ship were supposed to investigate who share you were Scooby
anyways sure to Scooby Snacks cured ok game we’re going to have to
split up Daphne and Velma gonna come with me
shaking scoop you go look for clues over there school need to impress during marriage on thrus after Daphne ok here’s the plan
you gonna be decoys to get on with spring-loaded key next ok we’ll have to go to backup plan would
just the kid in you go to the store good good we gonna get them all over the
place these goods really were trained to find
old pirate treasure that was rumored to be here but treasure trick got away with the kids includes a little do his helicopter
indicates for capturing the bad guys and here’s a look at the back of the guys
here is the Scooby copter looks awesome it includes a little scooby-doo figured
that his head will move all the way up and down so he could stand like a dog
but you stand him up like this he could stand up like a person to so that that’s
really cool he does have a little tiny detail and everything is arms and legs
do move and he fits right into the seat of the helicopter very nicely I mean
it’s bolted to fit him almost perfectly that he’s got a little control stick
here he’s got a little windshield on the front end of the copter there and then
the copter is painted the colors of the Mystery Machine and it does come with
the back doors to open up so she too could carry passengers in the back there here Scooby captured a mummy so this
piece here would attach right to the bottom of the helicopter there and then
Scooby could fly the money to jail how cool is there any guys if you enjoy the
show make sure you give me a thumbs up and I
know you enjoy the video and gas today secret word is the word helicopters ATL
icy cold P ter wow that’s a big word to this video and there’s also a card with
a lot more fun videos traffic world millions and pepper p Star Wars yeah so much fun together to see

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