SCP-160 Predator Drone | euclid class | predator / airborne scp

Item #: SCP-160 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-160 is
kept in a secure bio-containment chamber at Site ██. SCP-160 is to be fed live prey
in the form of a rabbit or other animal of similar mass once per week, with feeding to
be performed via automated delivery system only. Experimentation with SCP-160 may only be performed
with prior permission from at least two (2) Level 3 personnel, and any personnel entering
the chamber must wear an armored suit at all times. Description: SCP-160 appears to be a quadriflyer
unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a diameter of approximately 1.1 m at its widest point,
similar to the [REDACTED] model manufactured by the [REDACTED] Corporation. It is devoid of any identifying marks or manufacturing
labels, though visual inspection of SCP-160 has revealed signs of scratches and other
superficial damage indicating that prior identifying labels may have been removed. SCP-160 operates continuously and completely
autonomous from any identified control source, and exhibits behavior similar to that of predatory
birds. It will actively hunt prey such as rodents
and other small animals and, upon locating such prey, dive down at high speed and impale
its prey with what appears to be a metallic proboscis. Analysis of its prey shows that it then injects
a highly caustic substance that liquefies the internal organs, and extracts the resulting
slurry. SCP-160 will generally avoid humans and larger
animals, but has been recorded using its proboscis in self-defense. Injuries inflicted by SCP-160 are extremely
painful, and can cause death via liquefaction of vital organs or internal bleeding. Further research on SCP-160 is underway, but
has proven difficult due to SCP-160’s continuous operation. Tranquilizer darts are ineffective as SCP-160
appears to be entirely composed of non-biological components, and requests to attempt a low-intensity
electromagnetic pulse to disable it have been rejected due to possible unforeseen damage. SCP-160 was discovered by Foundation agents
on █/██/200█ following multiple reports of household pets from the town of [REDACTED]
disappearing and subsequently found dead under unusual circumstances. SCP-160 was quickly identified and lured into
a transport vehicle by a containment team and subsequently taken to Site ██. A search
of the area turned up over ██ desiccated small animals including house cats, rabbits,
wild rodents, and miniature dogs.

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