Secret Codes Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

Uh-oh we have a code Adam yeah we have a
Jim Wilson on board the plane have you ever heard these codes come from a pilot
and thought what do they mean a lot of the time pilots will use the
plane’s intercom to talk to other crew members on board they may say many
things that sound random to the passengers but these are often very
scary codes and if you learn them you’ll know exactly what pilots are saying
these are codes that pilots and Airlines do not want the passengers to know but I
think you guys have a right to know them I’m Charlie and today we’re going to
look at some codes pilots don’t want you to know but before we take off on top 10
airlines why not subscribe and press the notification bell to coming up first we
have 7500 this may seem like a string of random numbers but if you ever hear this
then you’re in trouble one of the biggest issues during an in-flight
emergency is a pilot not being able to communicate the emergency to other
people on the plane of course I don’t mean the passengers but instead of the
crew and more importantly air traffic control sometimes they haven’t been able
to do this and army Jets have not been scrambled the plane that has emerged
from CN it simply crashes to the ground well one of the worst codes you could
hear over the intercom is 7500 this means the plane has been hijacked a lot
of the time during plane hijackings the passengers don’t even know that’s
because they may use a threat to try and keep all of the crew quiet and sometimes
hijackings can’t even come from a co-pilot or a crew member themselves so
if you ever hear 7500 on an intercom then it’s time to panic next up is code
Adam in 1981 a boy named Adam Walsh was taken from a convenience store
someone had sadly taken him from his mother and then took his life the
terrible crime inflicted on the six-year-old boy shocked the entire
country but that’s why we now have code Adam on airplanes code Adam means that
there’s a missing child on the plane now this could either mean that a child has
been taken from a parent on the plane or it means someone’s taken a trial and
they’re trying to get away with them on the plane according to the Center for
Missing children this happens quite a lot so if you ever hear code Adam on the
play it means a child is being taken next
stop is 7600 or 7 7 0 o depending on the pilots training and their airline they
may use either of these two codes but they mean the same thing
hearing these codes means that there’s a radio failure or a loss of communication
pilots obviously can only see so much a lot of the information that’s required
to fly a plane comes from air traffic control and of course their screens
which show the radar of other planes in the sky are also crucial but if you hear
these codes it means one or both of these communication channels is not
working and if you’re wondering how pilots remember these codes there’s
actually a rhyme it goes 7 5 taken alive 7 6 technical glitch 7 7 going to heaven
yeah that is pretty scary and not what you want to hear on a flight next up is
Jim Wilson this may sound absolutely stunning but sometimes people passed
away on board a flight every year about 50 people pass away midair this can
simply be from old age or maybe a heart attack onboard
some people even passed away from peanut allergies from people bringing food onto
the plane but the secret code used by airline staff when a passengers passed
away is Jim Wilson to avoid alarming other passengers they’ll simply say
visit Jim Wilson on board this may also refer to a body in the cargo that’s
right along with your suitcases there may be a few bodies in the cargo think
about it if somebody passes away on vacation then they need to be taken back
to their home turf and there’s no special planes that do this in fact
commercial planes do it every single flight it’s said that on about 10% of
all flights there’s a body being transported below and that body is often
referred to as Jim Wilson next up is code Bravo code Bravo is another very
scary code you do not want to hear this is actually a code to distract
passengers the flight crew will use this phrase to distract any passengers from
actual danger that way the passengers are focused on something else and not
the real danger and thus the pilots and crew can take care of that without any
interference one big issue when there’s a danger on board
is passengers trying to be heroes and butting in and getting in the way so to
prevent this code Bravo is what’s said next up is air pocket if you hear on the
intercom that we’re approaching an air pocket then hang on make sure your seat
belt is buckled and maybe pull out the vomit bag that’s because an air pocket
means you’re going to experience some extreme turbulence basically an air
pocket is a nicer way of referring to having a very bumpy ride and they use
this code because many passengers are scared of turbulence next stop is blue
juice no this isn’t some kind of delicious secret cocktail only the
pilots know about in fact blue juice refers to the toilet water on the plane
for example if they say we have a problem with the blue juice this means
the toilet water spilled out also if you hear the phrase we’re dumping the
Bluetooth it means they’re letting the toilet go over the sea this is actually
how the empty airplane toilets a lot of the time but according to airline
attendants the toilet water is the same water that you drink I’ve covered this
in many videos before but that’s the reason why no crew on a plane will ever
drink water tea or coffee next up is crotch watch okay that’s kind of a crude
code but it’s actually something only the crew knows about if a pilot says
this it’s basically asking the airline attendants to check everyone’s wearing a
seat belt it may not be eloquent but it gets the
point across to the crew that they need to trick everyone is wearing a seat belt
you may think that’s kind of pointless because in a plane crash a seat belt may
not help all that much but it’s a legal requirement for them to check that every
passenger is buckled up before they take off next up we have all call if you hear
all the cool this means something may be very very wrong for example a pilot may
say flight attendants doors to a rifle cross-check and all call according to
one former pilot this means that they want kind of a conference call for all
the flight attendants the pilots may want to tell them some new information
which has just come up or maybe they want to gather all the
flight attendants to tell them that an emergency landing will have to take
place either way when you hear all cool it basically means all crew report to
the cabin next up is last-minute paperwork
if you hear this phrase then get ready to make yourself comfortable
this code means that there’s an issue with the plane before taking off this is
usually something major like an issue with the plane’s weight and balance this
means the plane may need to be adjusted and it will take a long time sometimes
last-minute paperwork can mean a two to three hour delay this is because they
may need to reconfigure the entire planes hydraulics but it’s a good thing
that the pilots spotted this as if they didn’t the plane could fall out of the
sky next up is holding pattern if you hear holding pattern then you’ll be in
the air but it means you won’t be landing any time soon a holding pattern
is basically a number eight shape that the plane will have to fly in that’s
simply because there’s delays on the airport runway there are too many planes
on the runway thanks to delays or bad weather so the plane can’t land so
that’s why the plane simply has to fly into number eight shape above the
airport until it’s able to land so if you hear the code holding pattern get
comfortable you’re gonna be in the air for a long time and finally we have
ground stop if you hear the code ground stop then get comfortable this yet again
means there’s delays and you won’t be taking off for a long time this is
normally because of traffic backlog for example if one plane gets delayed all of
the other planes get delayed after it so when this happens there can be a ground
stop meaning that lots of planes have stopped on the ground so now you know
all the pilot codes from the scary to the funny to the just plain weird
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