Southwest Captain brings his Dad (Col. Roy Knight) back home!

to be able to do this to bring my father
home I’m very very honored and very lucky how many people would ever have
this kind of opportunity to do this this is awesome I know he’s gonna be right there. With the end of the war I remember as a kid watching every single POW come off those airplanes and I watched
every one of them your job and your duty as a family and as a child is to have
hope but as a kid what you really think is if you don’t do that you’re somehow
gonna be responsible for him being lost as you probably notice a little bit of
activity going off right inside the aircraft he’s taking one of our
servicemen home now fifty-two years of company 31 January of
1967 last time I saw my father I was 5 years old and that was at Love Field in
Dallas Texas when I first got the call you know it was it was almost surreal
because I I really didn’t think it would ever happen
Wow you know he’s really coming home he’s really we’re gonna be able to bring
him back and we’re gonna have a place where we can honor him 20 we got a
message for you I’m ready sir on behalf of regional approach through up and your
father Colonel Knight home boy he’s gone he will never be forgotten good morning
our deathless 12/20 nog little or for10 now our sample of 20 vision wandering thank you very much very little and 1/3
right held until 24 vehicles and red vehicles the aircraft come in it is
turning onto Charlie one now tops copy thank you Vince you’re welcome
let’s go 20 clear for hover quarter cup was full 20 love around second ago via
Charlie Delta Charlie Delta cell fulfilled life since I was 8 89 continue
via Delta Delta 1 Lima I’ll buy a filter for one 311 yeah it’s
a hill of accident thank you for 52 years let me go the
Dallas area about is remain well you know so few so many 30 residue can good
10 years actually thank you for the information my name’s Mike Noah pilotless Brian the
Catholic who just flew in today you all have been Park the Honor Flight of a
fallen American airman the Vietnam era captain Roy night left Love Field in
1967 January 1967 he was shot down over Laos May 19 1967 that day that he left
America his mom his wife and his son came here to Love Field and send him on
his way a few months later they got the word
that he was shot down it’s in 52 years since that family had lost their father
a few months ago captain died was notified by the military that his
father’s retains that they positively identified and through the efforts of
many many people we have him with us today in a casket in the belly of the
airplane the pilot that flew you in today was that same five year old boy
who left here at Love Field fifty-two years ago with his dad this ain’t
goodbye that little boy you

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