Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Hasty Departure | Disney

[dramatic music]♪ ♪– There’s the Imperial shuttle. We need the stolen medkits
they have on board. Let’s go.
– Are you sure that’s the one? – It’s the only one here.
Come on, let’s go. – Chopper, meet us
at the rendezvous.– [beeping][suspenseful music]♪ ♪[beeping] – Go check on the cargo
with Chopper. – Oh.♪ ♪Oh.
[chuckles awkwardly] Bigger haul than I thought. – Sabine, what is it?
– Stormtroopers. – What?
– We’re on the wrong ship. [welding torch buzzing] – Hang on. [all grunting] If there are stormtroopers back
there, then where is Chopper?– [beeping]– Chop! Okay, we need a new plan. Chopper, bring your ship in
close and lower the ramp. We’re gonna jump over.
– What? [blaster firing] Not helpful. [beeping]♪ ♪– Huh. – Huh? [grunts] – [grunts] – Uh-oh. – Well, that was more difficult
than it needed to be. – I’m sorry, Hera.
I was rushing. I didn’t realize
there were two shuttles. – It’s all right. We got what we came for. – [beeping] – [chuckles] Yeah.
Thanks to you, Chopper.

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