Super Wings Transforming Robots Ride Big Wing Jumbo Jet with Jimbo

Let’s see if the Super Wings Mini Transforming Robots will fit in Big Wing. We have Jett, Donnie, Mira, Jerome, Dizzy… And Paul! Now, let’s see if we can close Big Wing. Oh cool! They fit! And take off! Hey, they’re flying! Look at all of them look through the windows. We’re here Now let’s open it! Oh no! What happened to everyone? They got shaken up! Keith’s Toy Box! Today’s surprise is the Super Wings Big Wing playset! Let’s open it. Big Wing opens up so you can load all your favorite Super Wings characters and take off! It comes with lots of accessories. Let’s put it together. Nice! He’s starting to look like a Jumbo Jet! Now, let’s put the stickers. Oh, look! Big Wing comes with three different eye expressions! Let’s pick this one. Nice! Look, we have the different characters’ logos here. Mira, Paul, Dizzy, Jett, Jerome, and Donnie! We can stick them on their seats on the airplane. It also comes with Jimbo. He’s the air traffic controller at World Airport. This little girl… Let us know in the comments below if you know who she is. And of course, Jett! Now, Big Wing can even act as a runway for Jett! Just open the hatch at the back, put jet in the starting position, and press GO! Awesome! Now, let’s put in all the seats so everyone can ride! First, we have Jett’s seat. Then, Donny. Then, Dizzy’s. Jerome’s Paul’s Mira’s! Let’s put Jimbo in front. Then we can put Jett on a seat, close up the doors, and we’re ready to go. Take off! The slots underneath the characters’ feet allow you to place them on the seats securely. Now, we can remove the seats and put in the Mini Transforming Robots. There’s Jett, Donnie, Mira, Jerome, Dizzy, and Paul! Now, we can close the doors and get ready for takeoff. And we’re off! We’re flying! Look at everyone through the windows. We’re here. Let’s get everyone out. Oh no, everyone got shaken up! So that’s the Super Wings Big Wing Jumbo Jet play set! Hit the thumbs up icon or tell us what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos. Remember always pack all your toys after you play.

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