Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows Rhino Chopper Vs Dinosaurs Jurassic World Unboxing

Wow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows Rhino Chopper Vs Dinosaurs Jurassic World Unboxing guys it’s great to see you again i’m so
glad you came back we’re gonna have another all some toyo open today hi I’m WD and walk up to my toy channel let’s take a look at what we have today
wow the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the new movie out of the shadows this is the Rhino chopper includes
exclusive rock city boy that looks totally awesome guys if you enjoy the
show make sure you click thumbs up and later we’ll have to a secret word and
awesome and card lot more fun videos wow go ahead and open this guy out yeah it’d be Bob let’s go get some dinosaurs
today I’m not good morning ahead we could cook up on the grill songs also
rock steady let’s go ahead that’s going to do that yeah yeah ok raised demand that you could get there
first gets first dibs on the dad this like him on the head like the little toy
toes before let’s go get them little diner I heard
Dinos were supposed to be big and approaches what are we gonna do one spot
on popping on the head pop it on the grill I like this place got blood could be a
little Dino c’mere them die now look here comes one
perfect size very good and we got him yeah we’re
gonna eat good boy I thought Dinos were bigger than their
ok let’s go ahead and load them up he also said these guys all loaded up
for our dinner dude that your stomach man no not mine what you know it my kid yeah oh that was nasty man you scared me did Oh stinks around here you rhinos are disgusting back my kid
man what you think you’re doing with him we were gonna bobble on the head flat UK
my kid what’s wrong with you man let me show
you what you trying to do I’m trying to bop you what yeah nobody does that to my pal take that take that bad doggie bad
doggie haha bad dog bad dog why those guys taste good man I’m get at it here quick sheet dammit man that me she got it then I’ll get that here no she’s coming yeah you don’t miss with my kid man you hear me ok this Rhino chopper is totally all
some it’s got spring-powered grenade missiles at launch from the front he’s
got a club of bat he’s got a sledgehammer and there’s exclusive
Rocksteady that comes with it walk it looks also go ahead and open
this up and have some fun and here the picture of all the other
guys i’ve i’ve done a review on pretty much all of these and i would have going
to be doing i believe all of them and I’ve also done
these three other bikes from you out of the shadows moving so let’s go ahead and open this guy up
and see what’s in here okay this is what’s in the package
before I remove anything what guys this Rhino chopper with
rocksteady is totally off check him out look so good on that bike and that is one awesome chopper wow I like it let’s go ahead and take him off and take
a look at the bike first ok the fight comes in two missiles could
launch let’s go ahead and try those up and they
fire with good velocity which is cool and the launchers are in the front the launchers on Bob light we’re in the back fit the handlebar one better it does look like a local got a bunch of grenades different all
weapons here this is rock steady right there on the
bike got like chain triangle in the back like for a ride and in the front it has
rhino Ford’s how cool is that and here is a
look from the front and the look from the other side really cool gold tail
pipes and a nice wide tire in the back let me he really got this thing built
out and then check on the front it says RS so that must be like his initials or
something and here’s a look at the bottom it does
have a cool little kickstand and then let’s take a look at rock steady ok this is the exclusive Rocksteady that
comes with the bike and he is really cool he’s got like a club he has a sledgehammer and then he also
has like a big spike club so the guy actually comes with three weapons as
really cool he’s got his normal outfit black vest camo pants brown shoes here’s a look at him from the side his
head does move 360 degrees his arms bend at the elbow and his off hand move at
the risk that he’s got all kinds of cool tattoos on his arms so he is a cool guy and he his legs even
bend at the knees so I mean he does have a lot of moves
and his jackasses and everything isk and Fisk huh you guys know what that stands for I
have no idea and here is a look at him are just like
ready to attack both weapons that is so wow that Rhino chopper in the Ninja
Turtle battle was totally awesome and guys if you enjoyed the show make sure you click thumbs up and today
secret word is the word rhino spelled rh I end oh go ahead and put that in the comments
section down below the video I know you enjoy the video and you
remember my club wait to this video ends there’s and also men card lot more fun
videos drastic world minions star wars and Peppa Pig wow will
have so much fun together i hope to see you

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