The World is Yours – HMLA 367

I’m Capt. Mugnainii, I’m with HMLA-367, I’m a huey pilot. The purpose of the flight line during
ITX is to basically support all the infantry units, all the guys on the ground. Units involved with the MAG, so
HMLA-367 is a skid squadron, mixed sections of cobras and hueys. We have HMH, CH-53s. I think that they’ve learned a lot in
regards to sole support and CASEVAC. We have a UAS unit here. They’ve gotten tasked with conducting
a lot of our reconnaissance in the vicinity of the objective
areas that we were working. It’s very pertinent for them to communicate that information to us so that we can shoot it or more importantly to the grunts so that they know whats going on as they execute their mission. The differences in training here and in Hawaii are the ranges here are a lot better in regards to basically the freedom that you can employ ordinance. It’s great being apart of the ITX.

5 thoughts on “The World is Yours – HMLA 367

  • “I’m a Marine pilot.” Really, I’ll wager the certificate you received with your Wings of Gold designated you as a Naval Aviator. Pilots, at least during my two decades on active duty, wore lead wings and thought a “trap” was something that caught a mouse.

  • I really want to fly helicopters but I don’t know if I would be able to since I’m not the best when it comes to math…

  • What's the minimum score you need to get on the ASVAB? I'm going to shoot high obviously but I need to know the minimum score before I shoot.

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