There is no Tanks in Terraria

Dude I hate when I get run over by a-my partner’s… In a fucking tank in Terraria. Goddamn it. therez nuh tanks in turarriuh man so i already nuh see y-your jest failing urself mann. Nuhuhhuh I know ur not playin taraireuh Actually, I am if you knew me on steam. I’d actually say I’m in Terraria. Yeah he’s playing Terraria right now. [Yeah] well well y-yueah but you could hav changed the exe jush-just admit it yer not playing terrariuh. Yeah he’s playing Gabe Newell’s Terraria right now. [Um] The Terraria with the tanks and the laser pointers. [ok ok] well well well giv meh uh screenshot of uh tank in uhhh Terrariuh Okay. Yeah, I can do that. Here you go it’s, it’s just called laser pointer game because I just saved over- Oh no you should have sended it to Fluffy and um, Fluffy would- y-y-y-you just p-pasted a pictur of a tank in terrariah Yeah, I know. Uh, no. Isn’t that what you wanted? You wanted a picture- n-no uh no uh wanted a re-I wanted a tank thats in-a-a-thats aktully workin in da game Well actually, because- [Uh, it does work] It’s kind of in Beta, [That is working] Haven’t entirely resterized- Alright, it’s just a placeholder image. Yeah it’s called programmer art. [nuh nuh no its not] nuh no its-its-its urrr its your trolling-ur trolling anan-and youdun wanna be wrong so…so just shutup Fluffy there’s a mav going into your, um- Uh, Castle. We gotta shoot that down otherwise they’re gonna mortar you. Yeah this- see see ye-yeuh see just shut the fuckup and if ur not playen Turarria get the fuck outta this channel! It’s a Terraria channel. no get the-fff get the fffuck out of this channel! if ur not playin turareuh get da fuck out of this channel! im nut takin it any moar u fucking guise r not playing terrariuh so shutthefuckup and get teh fuck out! go to ur fucking channel uf ur fucking game! shtap fuckin bullshitting around! im not playing anymoar>:( soo shut the fuckup bout’ ur fuckin.. fucking lameass fake game that ur not playin so getthefuckout! Man, you sound pretty mad. Why are you mad? I AM MAD>:C becuz u fucking guise ar fuckin lying! Um, no we’re not. yes u r shutthefuckup! I’m sorry, but one of us is hostile- is playin battlefeeld bad cumpenny tew! so shutdafuckup and start tellin da trooth! Uh, there’s a sniper-sniper on your six. okey shut da fuck up about sniperz if ur gunna be playen tarrariuh u dun wanna be talken about snipurz so fuuck off! Yeah, we’re being sniped right now by the uh, Zombies. im duh-no ur mu-muted man ur muted u gonna talk about snipurrz u go fuk off! L-let the engineer walk into the lava. jus-no ur playin bad cumpenny tew jush admit et m-man No, we’re playin- Playing Terraria.okay see? u had to think about it der! u had to think to think about it der! so now I no ur not playin-eye already kno your knot playing it just admitet! Nah, look we’re playing Terraria. I’m playing as the heavy class- ders no hoovy class! And Fluffy is the medic. thars no classes man He was just talking about a sniper-of course there’s classes. nut en turaireuh Yeah, nah he was playing- Australian sniper and then Fluffy’s is playing the German- Um, the medic and I’m the Russian heavy. thars no medick in tarrariuh man Yeah, I have the medigun right here. therz only a medic- thairz only uh uh npc euh npc pairson that can heel yah in terrarieh Are-are you are you talking about um- Gabe Newell’s Terraria? gay noodle didn evan make a turruria mam Yeah he di-remem-he-he- no he didun Yeah, he’s that guy from, like, Britain er er Sweden or something? Sweden, Sweden, yeah. Sweden there you go, and he created it out of his basement, you remember? ur talkin ur talking bout ur talkin bout garries mawd No. No, I’m talking about, uh- Gabe Newell’s Terraria. gay noodle is uh eh gayb nool es frum eh eh is frum uh uh washentun No, Sweden. I just uh- no hees not Oh yeah he’s from Sweden because he’s fat. Yeah. Oh man, woah. Hey, come on. What did he found? Was it, was it Dice? Er er is it, is is um-Beth-Bethesda, yeah. Oh yeah. He founded Bethesda, they made Terraria. [autistic screaming] Well I think it’s like- [autistic screaming continues] Well, yeah, it’s a- [autistic screaming continues] Hey, he-he sounds a little mad I think you should calm down sir before you start screaming. Because honestly we’re in the Terraria channel, We’re playing Terraria, Uh, he got moved. Who moved him? I think it was himself. You alright? nu yew phailed u phailed man How did we fail? stell everthin u sed is nat troo What? But..but he’s playing it right now. ookay nun dun den setup setup a live streem How do you do that? I’m not…none of us are really good with computers. What is Livestream? ueah uh uhuh i hi lee dowt dat Isn’t that a porn thing? Livesteam? Yeah that is. Ohhh, yeah I keep seeing that on the banners on the side. I’m almost afraid to click it though, I don’t want a virus. Yeah, I don’t really want to do that. Well just get a Mac, dude. Oh just, oh yeah, you don’t get viruses on Macs. okeey if ye if ye ok shut da fuck up if u dont sent the livestrem just shutthefu-uckup and start tellin da trooth Yeah, we’re playing Terraria. oy no ur not dan stawp talkin abowt fucking tankz and start talkin bout the rite gam Okay okay okay, you want-you want the truth? Alright. In, uh. Oh wait hold on. No, we’re actually playing Minecraft. Oh, don’t even start on Minecraft. That game doesn’t even exist. yesh it dus No- yesh it dus! No, it’s-it’s still in Alpha. fuck u! eets not al fa! its it was releesd man! it wuz releesd! its alreedy bean releezed uhlulsh wan poynt oh! its nut evun een baytah n e moor Okay, okay that’s fine. Calm down. We’ll tell you the truth, alright? On July eighth- jus tell meh da trooth! stop- no shut da fuckup and jest spit et out! I’m about to-I’m gonna do it! noh! u spit it owt!Okay. Lollygaggin? On July eighth, in nineteen fourty-seven… The Roswell daily record announced the capture of a flying saucer- That crashed-Near the Roswell army Airfield, huh? Huh? Okay? ye-ye-yer muted ur muted i dun wanna heer any frum u man all i wanna kno is wat ur playin Terraria.

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