(TRIPREPORT) Batik Air Economy Class Flight Experience – ID6373 Yogyakarta YIA to Jakarta CGK

Me: “Excuse me…” SFA. Cindy: “Welcome onboard….” Me: “Thanks!”/SFA. Cindy: “We’ve got company.” Another FA: “Oh yeah, welcome onboard.” Me: (breathing)

7 thoughts on “(TRIPREPORT) Batik Air Economy Class Flight Experience – ID6373 Yogyakarta YIA to Jakarta CGK

  • SURPRISE! Happy new year, everyone!
    This trip was actually unplanned, hence I uploaded this without any plan as well. I will still have one more video to upload before my 6-month rest so that I can upgrade my channel for the better.

    Thanks for watching, and Boria Travels wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year! 🙂

    EDIT: Indonesian subtitles is now ready for this video! Click the "CC" button and select "Indonesian". And for those who are curious about what the crew was saying during boarding, an additional subtitle, in English, has been provided!

  • Nice review Cj! Glad to see you got the aircraft that has new IFE installed. Can't wait for YIA to be fully operational soon. Wish to fly out of YIA too next time.

  • Wow what a surprise! Cool review from YIA to CGK with Batik Air. I think the IFE on bulkhead seats is quite far and high, wish they put the IFE retractable from the seats tho, and I wish that Batik can provide earphones as well. Nonetheless great video as always! Happy new year 2020 CJ! Looking forward to more videos from you.. Cheers!

  • Keren ! Btw saya suka dengan suara announce di Bandara YIA, seperti di Bandara DPS, sangat jelas sekali dan Intonasinya enak, btw kok bs dapat seat no 4 ? Karena biasanya seat tersebut sangat jarang sekali dibuka ketika check in online, great video ya, mungkin kedepan lebih bagus jika ditambah dengan suara kamu hehe 🙂

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