Two Planes Nearly Collided over 11 kilometers in the sky!

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In today’s video, I’ll be talking about the “2001 Japan Airlines mid-air incident”. Do
you have a fear of flying in a plane? Well, in January 2001, 677 people almost died
37,000 feet above the ground. So, let’s go back to January 31st 2001. JAL Flight
907, a Boeing 747-400 en route from Haneda Airport, Tokyo, to Naha Airport, Okinawa,
was carrying 427 people. (including 411 passengers and 16 crew members). Meanwhile,
JAL Flight 958 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-40 flying from Gimhae
International Airport in Busan, South Korea, to Tokyo Narita Airport. It was
carrying 250 people. (including 237 passengers and 13 crew members). The only
place where the where the planes would meet was over the island of Honshu. According to the flight plan, both aircrafts were supposed to pass each
other while 2,000 feet apart. When they did do that the TCAS sounded. But after
that the ATC was giving them terrible instructions. When both the planes were
at their cruising altitude, the controller of the ATC at the time,
Hideki Hatchitani (who was a new guy), was absolutely overloaded with
twelve different planes to instruct. He intended to instruct Flight 958 to
descend in altitude so they would be farther away from each other, but he
accidentally told Flight 907 to descend. Which of course made both planes head straight
to each other. when Hachitani realised that the planes were heading to each
other, he ordered the JAL Flight 958 pilot to turn right, but oddly it never
got to the pilot. His supervisor Yasuko Momii
saw that her trainee was stressed out, but she didn’t help at all.
She tried to tell 907 to climb in altitude, but she accidentally said
Flight 957. Since there was no flight 9 57 at the time, everybody
ignored it. The pilots didn’t even realize until the
planes were in visual proximity of one another. Once they did see each other,
they knew something must have gone wrong. They only had seconds before they
would obliterate each other. If they collided, it would be the deadliest
accident in aviation history. After a lot of panic and confusion, the pilot of
Flight 907 maneuvered straight under 958 in about 2 seconds. It is estimated
that they were less than 100 meters away from each other. Also
one Flight 907 did the maneuver, injuries occurred. People, food, and boiling water
flew everywhere. For example, one boy hit four rows of seats, and one and one woman
broke her leg. In total in Flight 907, seven passengers and two crew members got
serious injuries. While eighty-one passengers and ten crew members were minorly injured.
(including bruises and scalding). Of course, on Flight 958, no one got hurt and they
kept flying to Tokyo as if nothing had happened.
Flight 907 meanwhile, canceled their trip and went back to Haneda to seek medical
attention. The next day, eight passengers remained
hospitalised. Luckily, no one died in this incident that could have ended much,
much, worse. Many years later Hachitani and Momii were sent to jail. Hachitani
was sent to one year, and Momii was sent to one-and-a-half years in jail. So
remember, when you are flying on a plane or literally anywhere, you are never safe.
Thank you for watching this video, hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next

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