V-Prep: A320 ETOPs Training

A320 ETOPs Extended Twin Operation ETOP’s are a set of rules and procedures for airlines and their pilots to fly further than 60 minutes over land or water away from a diversion airfield This fuel is calculated based on one of three scenarios 1. Engine fail, drift down to the engine out altitude and divert at single engine speed 2. Pressurization fail, emergency descent and divert at 10,000 feet on both engines Adequate airport An airport is considered ‘Adequate’ for the operator when it satisfies the aircraft requirements to use the airfield in a diversion This would include: Permission to land at the airfield Open at the required time should the aircraft divert there Air Traffic Control and meteorology services Rescue and fire fighting services (RFF) The minimum RFF for A320 diversion airfields is 4 The Critical Point (CP) is where the fuel on board needed to continue and the fuel required for a diversion are the same The Critical Point is Usually the last Equal Time Point A failure before the Critical Point requires a diversion. A failure after the Critical Point requires the crew to continue. ETOPs Weather Minima On the ground, before departure the weather minima at the ETOPs diversion airfields is the dispatch minima After Start After engine start check the ECAM STATUS page At this point any MEL ETOPs restrictions must be applied

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