Visa free Countries for Nigerians #Nigeria #passport

are you a Nigerian looking to explore
the world. Are you not really sure where you can travel for visa are free or visa
on arrival you’re at the right place and you will
be glad to realize that there are several countries outside of west Africa where you can travel for visa free or visa on arrival you already know that Nigerians don’t need visa to all 15 Ecowas member states so here we look at countries
outside of West Africa. we are going to list the countries in their alphabetical order, #1 Barbados Central America/ caribbean visa free for up to six months
#2 Cambodia location southeast asia visa on arrival for 1 month.
# Cameroon, Central Africa three months is a free cup fed three
most recent charge three multi suffered kymaro’s is on arrival tetanus rebooting
B visa 31 days Dominica these are free up to six months
hey to open this afraid moment Fiji is a multi-part new arrival only permitted yeah
international number twelve eight number 13
Iran is a rival pettiness number 14 hey a visa is on hard emotional 15
castle started number system less so total newbies
number 70 Madagascar is Mariah up tonight number three three models Lisa number 19 Mauritania is an arrival
Mauritius number jamesy these are my tools number 21
Micronesia 30 days be sorry number 20 recently visa on arrival
my median number to this hour number 24 Pakistani visa number 25
hollowly free visa previous on arrival at LEDs number 26 at all be visiting
number 27 the one that Evie said is our arrival 30 days number Kennedy saying
kids and the Navy’s three-month visa fees number 29
somewhat I’m
so domain countries nominating specials three this blasphemy
on arrival in the face Thunderbird number ten thirty-five
t-bob no the business
Uganda Ibiza whistled rival number 37 Bernard visa not required for 30 days
number 38 Samuel division number 39 Zimbabwe a visa required and also in the following autonomous
territories Nigerians and travel of the South free number one thank you for watching I hope you
planned so different feel free witnesses

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