Westpac Rescue Chopper Service gives hospitalised kids a lift

As a member of the Westpac Rescue
Chopper Service, Atirau Wynyard deals with horrific
accidents, trauma, and near death scenarios
nearly every day. The Ngati Manu-Ngapuhi man has been
part of the Airborne Rescue Team for 10 years. But today, his team
had a different kind of mission, as they took several seriously
ill children to the skies to fulfil their dreams. Tamati Rimene-Sproat
went along for the ride. As the helicopter takes off
the sickness seems to drift away. Owen is a patient
at Starship Hospital and he sees these helicopters
flying from his bedside. But today Owen was invited
by Atirau Wynyard and the Westpac
Helicopter Rescue Crew to board and fly the
helicopter around Auckland. It’s a dream come true
for these boys. But it’s also a great
honour for Wynyard who has been working with
helicopters for 20 odd years. Saving lives but today they got
to make some dreams come true. Tamati Rimene-Sproat, Te Karere.

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