What to Expect from Your Breast Lift (Mastopexy) – Dr. Joshua D. Zuckerman, MD, FACS

Mastopexy, or the breast lift, a powerful
tool to help restore a woman’s breasts to raised perky beautiful contour after
ptosis, or sag, due to aging, pregnancy breastfeeding, or weight gain and loss. While the extent of the sag or aesthetic issues varies widely mastopexy can
address most excess skin and deformation of breast shape. Each breast lift is different and based on the patient’s initial anatomy, but I strive to create a natural-looking raised
breast mound in all cases. There are three basic surgical techniques that I
can employ to raise the breast. In each case, I make preoperative markings and strive to move nipple higher on the chest wall and restructure the breast
mound to make it high, tight, and perky. I strive to minimize the incision length and in most cases am able to do a vertical or periareolar breast lift. The wise pattern
or anchor pattern employs a longer incision along the inframammary fold, and I reserve that for only the most significant cases of ptosis or sag Any incisional scars
typically heal to thin, almost imperceptible lines. I also provide patients with comprehensive scar care regimen for up to one year after surgery. Breast lifts and breast reductions are somewhat similar procedures but in the case of a reduction I actually remove breast tissue versus solely tightening the skin envelope and raising the breast mound in a lift. I can help you decide
which procedure might be best for you at your consultation. I can also perform a combined
augmentation mastopexy where I place an implant in addition to mastopexy to add volume to an otherwise deflated breast. Mastopexy is a great operation that
helps women regains beautiful perky breasts after pregnancy breastfeeding or weight loss.

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