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Where’s Barry? He’s coming It’s 25 past 8 Oisín. We said a quarter-past. Yeah. Okay. He said he’d be here. He’s been late every day this week. He’s not getting a lift to school next week I can tell you that. Alright fine. I don’t care. And his mother is none too quick to return the offer. God almighty. What’s that smell? Is that a clean shirt? Yes. Right. Hey. Right Barry. Jesus Christ. Barry, you almost took the door off the hinges? Sorry. Now does everyone have their seatbelt on? Ye Mum we’re not 5 OK? OK. Leave it and then pull it Barry. Mom can I go out on Friday night? Don’t talk to me when I’m driving Oisín I get distracted. Oh… Are the McDonaghs getting a job done on the house. They need to cut that grass. That skirt is a far too short. They’ve painted that house an awful colour. Those daffodils are still going. God, that’s a dreadful gate they’ve put in. Mum, I forgot my lunch. Again? Yeah. God almighty. Those salad sandwiches will go to waste. Can I get a tenner for the canteen? A ten… You can have a fiver. A fiver is not enough. It’s enough when it’s spent on proper food not on spicy wedges or Mr Slurpys What? This man cannot drive a car. No indication. I’m not letting him in. I’m not letting him in now I’m not letting you in. Have none of you a word to throw to a dog? Both of them there… their heads glued in the phones. Let’s go over the verb “Étre” again No Mum! Je suis Tu es The cheek of him. She’s blocking the entire lane. I can’t go forward there is a yellow box. What is that man waving at me at the back for? He’s giving you the finger Well, I feel very sorry for that man’s wife. Change the radio station. I’m listening to the news Oisín. Mum you listened to the news at breakfast It’s the same news. It doesn’t change. I’ll put on my CD. ♪ Mama Mia ♪ ♪ Here we go again ♪ Put on the news! Mum can we get out just here? No, I’ll drop you to the door. No no Mum here is fine. I’ll drop you to the door. Thanks for the lift Mrs. Flanagan See you tomorrow at half past 8. No no, put your seat belt back on. Well don’t slam the door. Jesus Christ. Doomdah Thank you very much for watching. We’re Foil Arms and Hog Please subscribe to our YouTube channel We have a new video every Thursday at 8 a.m. Irish time. And a break from the norm. We are actually going on tour Our Irish tour and UK tour is kicking off for 2020 All the dates were playing are on our web site And all the locations somewhere around the video. We aren’t exactly Be precise Oisín. There. There. There. Don’t be smart either it doesn’t suit you. There. Oh you are also going to Berlin aren’t you. Yeah. Jesus it’s well for some now isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah, you’ll be sure to visit the Reichstag When you’re there now. It’s a beautiful building Do you’re Doomdah now. Do it. Now go on now. It’s beautiful. Yes. It’s beautiful. You start it there Barry. Well done now. Doomdah

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