Wooden Motorbike: Man Builds His Dream Chopper Out Of Wood

COMM: Splinters are not something you have to worry about when youre riding the Harley-Davidson 00:06
COMM: But Hungarian Istvan Puskas from the village of Tiszaörs has wow’d his fellow
countrymen with his latest custom-ride a wooden motorcycle 00:16
Istvan: The feeling that I get from the bike when I take it out for a ride is just perfect 00:22
COMM: The three seater, three wheeler is constructed entirely from pine with handlebars made from
the horns of Hungarian grey cattle. 00:30
COMM: The chopper is the latest in the long line of wooden creations by Istvan who has
also built a push bike and a motorcycle with a 200-cc engine. 00:40
COMM: The bike took the 52-year-old tractor driver 6 months to build and boast a top-speed
of only 20kph, not that, that bothers Istvan 00:50
Istvan: People will stare at it, check its special details and take photographs of the
bike 00:56
Istvan: When I say everyone, I literally mean everyone loves this bike, from the young ones
to the elderly 01:01
COMM: and while Istvan is understandably proud of his handy work he admits that he’d be tempted
to part with his creation if he receives the right offer 01:10
Istvan: Even though I do love my bike, I would still love to sell it to someone 01:17
Istvan: I would like to sell it or exchange it for something useful around our house 01:23
Istvan: Or best of all, I could sell it to someone who appreciates my skills and the
hard-earned finished product

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